For the Record Friday

Fridays are a weird day on the blog. I never really know what to post…a recipe? A craft? A personal post? Ultimately Fridays are suppose to be relaxing and fun so I decided I was going to use Fridays to give a little more insight on my weekly life.

Every week on Friday I’ll be answering a series of questions and you my friends can join in and answer the same questions on YOUR blog!


For the Record Friday

1. Favorite Picture of the Week

I took this one last night on a whim when I came downstairs and saw Kyla on her Daddy’s shoulders 🙂

Daddy and Kyla 3

2. What TV show are you addicted to right now?

I can’t stop watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix! I’m on Season 2! We’re also watching The Borgias on Netflix as well!

3. What Book(s), if any, did you read this week?

Once by Anna Carey

Rise by Anna Carey

Everneath by Brodi Ashton

4. Song you can’t stop listening too

I heard Billy Joel’s “It’s still rock and roll to me” in the car on Saturday and couldn’t stop singing it!

5. Something funny/awesome that happened was….

Mason told me he was allergic to the sun, I told him “I highly doubt that” and responded

“But when I looked at it I sneezed”

ALSO I got to meet my friends brand new baby who is so sweet! But he gave me baby fever!!

6. Something not so awesome that happened was….

It snowed and my very much anticipated play date was canceled!

7. Favorite blog post you posted or came across this week….

I really liked this article that was shared in response to the article that has been floating around calling breastfeeding overrated! Favorite post on my blog this week was my Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas because it was fun and my Mint Oreo Brownies because they were so yummy!

8. The best dinner you had this week was…

Fried Fish with rice and veggies. I LOVE fried fish!

9. Plans for the weekend….

Not a thing 🙂

Image Map


Forest Friends Birthday Party
The Very Hungry Caterpillar 45th Annivesary #Giveaway #veryhungrycaterpillar


    • Christa Marie says

      Isn’t it hilarious?!

      He said it to me again this morning and I told him just because you sneeze doesn’t mean you’re allergic and he said OOOOOHHHHH YOU’RE RIGHT ::laughs:: SILLY ME!

    • Christa Marie says

      Normally it’s a positive to me too and it was the day it happened but then the next day I was ready for a play date but the roads were still bad!

  1. joanna garcia says

    Love the rainbow party post too! I am addicted to walking dead and cannot wait for the witches of east of lifetime to come back! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Amy Li says

    I love Kyla’s little ponytail. I wish my daughter would let me do her hair (or brush it for that matter)!

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