Kyla is One!

Wow.  It’s finally here! Kyla is ONE! It has been one of my favorite years ever! Right up there with Mason’s 1st year of life! I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed we feel to have Kyla in our life! She really has helped heal our hearts so much after losing Elena. She truly is our Rainbow!

one year

I was so excited to finally get her in her little outfit! They were from three separate shops so I was really nervous about how they would look together but it came out great! I got the tutu from Hugwear, the headband here and the onesie from a girl in my March group who just opened an Etsy shop called Gigi and Max! I’m absolutely in with the whole thing!

Kyla is One C

Kyla at one year is more than I could even dream of asking for in more ways than one. She is constantly with me and I love her to pieces. She is super happy and easy going. She’s absolutely in the loves her mama stage though! She prefers me over pretty much everyone! Or else she looks like this

Kyla is One E

Still cute as ever though!

She recently learned how to clap! And she’s really good at pointing. She’s constantly on the move and is very very efficient at crawling especially away from the camera when I’m trying to get a picture of her!

Kyla is One

She stands on her own and has been for quite some time. She can stand up unassisted with no help from anything at all and of course cruises around. She’s even taken a total of 4 steps all on four different occasions. But she still doesn’t walk just yet!

Kyla is One H

She waves Hi and Bye. She also says “Hi”, “Bye”, “Boo”, “Mama” and “Dada”. I can’t wait until she says Mason! That’s what I keep waiting for. She can be very serious at times especially around nap time but also has the most infectious laugh and smile!

Kyla is One D

She loves her big brother so much and if he is crying she will go and give him a kiss to make him feel better which is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Speaking of kisses she is no longer stingy with her kisses! She gives them all the time now which we love!

Kyla is One F

She makes a ton of adorable faces but our favorite is when she scrunches up her nose which is usually followed by a huge smile or laugh!

Kyla is One G


We kept it super simple for her birthday we spent all day with her, had a nice family dinner and sang her Happy Birthday with us and B’s dad.

I made a MASSIVE Rainbow cake that was thisclose to being a disaster but turned out to be pretty darn good if I do say so myself! Especially considering the fact that at one point the top 3 layers fell out of the fridge and into my hands!

Kyla's Rainbow Cake

Even though I made the cake just for her she didn’t even put her fingers in it! She didn’t try it at all which was so different from Mason!

Kyla with her Cake

This year has been so great for our family and I’m so excited to see what the next year with Kyla will bring!

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