Valentine’s Day Handprint & Footprint Art

A couple of months ago I got a 12 pack of 9×12 canvas panels on Amazon. Ever since then I’ve been a handprint and footprint making art machines! I’ve made one for pretty much every single holiday we’ve had in the last six months.

This being Kyla’s VERY FIRST Valentine’s Day I knew I had to do it again and of course I got Mason in on the action as well. He likes to do these much more than Kyla does. I’m pretty sure he could hate it and make me bribe him to do it and he’d still like it better than Kyla likes it. The poor girl screams bloody murder every time I put the paint on her hand or foot. This time was by far the worst and I felt like the worst mama ever. But at least I got this cute out of it:

handprint Valentines day

And then of course there is Mason’s handiwork (pun totally intended)

Valentines Day handprint art

It can’t get much cuter than that!

You’ll Need:

9 x 12 Canvas Panel or Thick Paper

Red & Black Acrylic Paint

Paintbrushes (1 for painting on their hands and 1 for drawing the letters)


Apply a semi light layer of red paint to your children’s hands and/or feet depending on which print you do.

Apply the hand prints and footprints in their proper places and then paint on the words. You want to make sure that you have enough space for the hand prints and foot prints which is why they go on first!

**Note** The These Hands Hold my Heart Forever Print can be switched up a little for a younger child. Simple use their feet for the heart instead of the hand drawn heart.

Valentine's Day handprint footprint art

I love them both so much but I’m really in love with the one that Mason did. How could I not be?

Valentine's Day Print Art

I can’t wait to figure out what we’re going to do for St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll be sure to share!


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