What You Need to Know About The New Car Seat LATCH Law

When it comes to car seat safety the most important thing is often how the car seat is installed and that is what the new car seat LATCH law is all about, helping to ensure that people have their car seats installed correctly.

weight limit on LATCH installations

The new law makes it so that it’s easier to understand and follow by streamlining where you can find the information on the weight limits!

new LATCH laws

How does it do this?

Car seats manufactured after February 27, 2014 are required to carry a new label with guidance on maximum weight limits for LATCH. In addition to that in the manual or on the car seat itself they are required to tell you how much the car seat weighs. The car seat manual/seat will also have a max weight that your child can be, no need to do math, you only need to know how much your child weighs and the weight limit on the seat for LATCH installation.

LATCH Weight Limit

Three out of four car seats are installed incorrectly, that is three car seats too many in my book and this law will hopefully help change that and make parents more educated!

 My Car Seat Was Manufactured BEFORE February 27th, 2014. How do I find out the LATCH limit?

If your seat was manufactured before February 27th, 2014 you’ll have to read your manual to find out how much the seat weighs and also your car manual to see the LATCH limitations. It’s doable but kind of a hassle which is exactly why this law was created to make it easy on parents to determine the LATCH limitations.

If my the weight of my child and seat combined are under 65lbs do I *HAVE* to use the LATCH installation?

No, the seat belt installation or LATCH installation are both perfectly fine and equally safe. Remember though, NEVER use both.

I hope this run down clears up any confusion you may have about the new LATCH law!

If you have any other questions please feel free to leave them in the comments and be sure to pass this important information along to other parents!


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  1. says

    I’m all about making safety easier! I love that the new labels wull.show the weight of the seat to let you know when it’s time to switch. I plan to use LATCH as long as it’s safe because I feel like we got a better installation than with the seatbelt.

  2. Megan Lyons says

    I am so happy that they are making this easier to understand for people! I know a lot of moms with some pretty heavy car seats, plus kids that are 4+ years old and treading dangerously close to the acceptably safe weight limits on LATCH. Very important to know what the limits are!

  3. Tori Relyea says

    The new seats we bought for Jason use the five point harness until 65lbs. I'll be buckling him in until his first date. LOL.

  4. Tori Relyea says

    The new seats we bought for Jason use the five point harness until 65lbs. I'll be buckling him in until his first date. LOL.

  5. Teresa Honores says

    This makes the information more clearer! thank you! I know not to use the latch when seat and baby are over 65 lbs! I love to use the latch because it is more secure!

  6. Jasett Alise Ktsanes says

    Thanks for posting this! Very easy to understand and helpful. We have our seat installed with the latch right now, so this is important for me to know.

  7. says

    Hi Christa!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I know I’ve really stopped updating and I really miss being in touch with all my blog friends and their families. I got a new Job a year or so ago and things have been REALLY busy at our house. We are doing really good. I will absolutely have to post soon. If nothing else to give an update so people know we are alive and well 🙂

    Can I just say, OH MY WORD, your little ones are getting so cute and they are absolutely adorable. Mason has grow so much! I hope you and your sweet family are doing good. XOXO!
    Melissa recently posted..8 month update, Seriously its been that long :/My Profile

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