Must Haves for Baby’s 1st Year

Kyla is going to be a year in less than two weeks and it got me thinking about my personal Baby’s 1st Year Must Haves. It made me realize that for the most part I’m pretty simplistic in my needs. Besides a few honorable mentions and some things that are duh (food/breastmilk and diapers) these are the main things that I’ve used for Kyla in the last 11 1/2 months of her life. I’m a little obsessed with baby products but even so these are my Must Haves for Baby’s 1st Year!


Baby's 1st Year Must Haves

1. Boba 4G Carrier: I love my Boba. I have quite  few versions of the Boba (2G, 3G and 4G) and I use each one every single week depending on my mood or which one is handy. If anyone asks me what carrier they should get my first go to is Boba!

2. Carter’s Clothes: I’m a huge fan of Carter’s clothes, I love all the cute styles, love the way it fits my kids, they’re made to last and they don’t break the bank! P.S. We actually have the outfit picture above! We <3 Elephants!

3. BobaWrap: The BobaWrap that I have is actually a Sleepywrap, what they used to call their wraps and let me tell you it is THE BEST for newborns. I love the stretch that it has and how comfy and cozy it is for baby!

4. DSLR: One of these things is not like the other. Hint. It’s this one. But let me tell you for me this is a must have. It’s how I’ve done my 365 for Kyla and it’s helped to capture so many memories without a doubt a DSLR is a must.

5. Maxi Cosi Mico AP:  I’ve tried a lot of car seats in my day and so far they’ve all been great but without a doubt one of my favorites is the Maxi Cosi Mico AP. It’s comfy, comes in amazing colors and best of all is SAFE! Learn more here.

6. Joovy CacoonX2: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller. It does so many great things. 1) Stroller 2) Jogger 3) Bike Trailer! In the summer this is one of my go to strollers especially when walking down to the Farmer’s Market. It’s easy to navigate has lots of storage and is super comfortable for the kids!

7. Quinny Zapp Xtra with Folding Chair: This stroller lives in my trunk. I love that it folds down super small because I have a pretty small trunk. But even though it folds down small it still has the capabilities of other strollers like a reversible seat and the ability for the seat to recline completely flat which means you can use it from birth! More here.

8. Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash: With Mason I wasn’t as conscious about the baby products I was using but now I am and nothing beats Earth Mama Angel Baby as far as safety goes in relations to potential toxins. I bought a huge bottle right before she was born and I still have a decent amount left even though I use it on Mason too.

9. Summer Infant Resting Up Napper: We used this every single day. It was were I put her when I need to put her down for a bit. It folds for easy storage and is great for travel. I always brought it with me when I went to NY and even when we went camping! More in depth review here.

10. Dr. Brown’s Watermelon Teether: I feel like I HAD to mention this teether. Even though she didn’t get her first tooth until just last month this thing came in handy so many times! She was a huge fan of it!

11. Mama’s  & Papa’s Baby Bud: While I loved my previous high chair this time around we knew we needed something that didn’t take up as much space so when I saw the Mama’s & Papa’s Baby Bud at ABC I knew it was what we had to have! It fits securely to the chair, is easy to clean up and looks great too!

 baby's first year must haves

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  1. says

    Swaddle blankets. Big gauzy ones like Aden & Anais and the ones that have the velcro to keep them closed. Most of my kids wouldn’t sleep without being swaddled. And burp rags since my kids are spitters- but not little dinky ones, I use big absorbent prefold diapers or the flannel receiving blankets like the size you get in the hospital.
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  2. Megan Lyons says

    That stroller/bike trailer is so cool! I have never seen that before. I agree about the Aden & Anais blankets. Not just for swaddling (Mia was not a big fan from a pretty early age) but it is so multi-purpose! Nursing cover, blanket for them to lay on while I bring her big sister to the park, car seat cover if it is very sunny or windy, burp cloth… Endless possibilities plus they are just so ridiculously soft and breathable. They are my go-to shower gift these days,

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