Kyla’s 11 Months

Kyla turned 11 Months on February 10th 2014 the day these pictures were taken! I can’t believe that in just one month Kyla will be a year old! This has been one of the fastest years of my life! How is my itty bitty baby who was just born going to be a year soon?!

11 Months

Kyla has become very verbal in the last month. She says “hi” and “bye bye”. She also says “Mama” and “Dada”. She also says “Boo” as in Peek-a-Boo! It’s adorable. She covers her face like so.

peek a boo

And then says “Boo”

She’s reaching all of her milestones and is even a head in most places!

11 Months Old

She crawls up the stairs like a wild woman. She’s gone up a few steps but now she goes up every single one and is SO fast.

Kyla up the stairs

I didn’t put this on her chalkboard but she also gives Kisses. But she’s SUPER stingy with them. She will NOT give a kiss when asked but she will give them out unexpectedly making it pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Now that we know that she’s just stingy with kisses I can honestly say that she started giving them in early January and her very first kiss went to my baby sister Ava! Which is perfect because Ava absolutely adores Kyla!

Even though she’s stingy with her kisses she still is pretty good at sharing! Anything she picks up she want to show you and give to you…until you take it of course. Then she gets all mad lol.

Kyla is 11 Months Old

One more month until my baby is 1! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.

11 months KAG


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