A Day in The Life of a Blogger

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I’m sure non bloggers around the world are anxious to see this post. What’s it really like to a blogger? Is it as glamorous as you expected? Wait, you didn’t think it would be glamorous? Well you’re right about that at least.

Bare with me as I take you through what a school day is like (Mason is in preschool and goes 3x a week). It starts with my alarm going off at 8am. I have no pictures of this because I proceed to hit the snooze button 5-6 times before I wake up in a start and realize if we don’t get this show on the road we’re not making it to school.

Why did I hit the snooze button so many times? Because I was up until 2:30. First it was finishing up blog posts. Then watching shows with B and finally once I was in bed I just *had* to read a little.

We wake up by 9 the absolute latest and in the 20 minutes before we HAVE TO LEAVE I get Mason dressed, brush his teeth, make him breakfast, get myself dressed, check my emails to see if anything awesome came in (nothing did for the record) and do as many dishes  as I can before we have to get in the car.

And then I get to walk my boy into preschool, hand in hand. A major perk of being a blogger.

holding hands with Mason

Then it’s a 20 minute talk with a good friend that while I enjoy I can’t help but think: “I still haven’t eaten yet, did Kyla wake up? I have to work out”. Then it’s in my car on the way home were I listen to the workout I’m going to have to do soon. As soon as I get home I realize that Kyla is in fact awake so I lay down with her and nurse her.

Kyla Nursing

I check emails again quickly as I nurse her…did something good come in?! And then we make silly faces at each other while she tries to rip my glasses off my face. I change her diaper, get her set up with her breakfast and start my workout out. It’s about 10:30am and I’ve been up for an hour and half.

day 36 BBM

After I finished dying, Kyla and I go to the kitchen. I bring my computer and check in with my *online* workout group because of course a blogger would have online workout buddies. After hitting send its time to eat. I had just picked up some Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage, Eggs Whites and English Muffins Delights for a blog post (this one) so I’m giving them a shot. I’ve always been a big fan of breakfast sandwiches so I’m excited to try these. I LOVE that it only takes 3 minutes. Such a time saver when you get a late start to the day and have a bazillion things to do!

Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Egg Whites Cheese

Not only that but they’re a low calorie option that’s a great source of protein which helps me stick to one of my (many) New Year’s Resolutions. While my sandwich is heating up start setting the stage for my photo. I need it to be ready so I can take the picture as quickly as possible and still eat something that’s warm. Almost every recipe, especially dinner recipes are done like that around here. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, EAT, EAT, EAT. A normal person? They’d just wait to eat.

Jimmy Dean Delights

I GOT THE SHOT! While I eat I’m also blogging and I take a picture of the set up desperately trying to hide the clutter in the background which would prove that I don’t in fact have it all together like my instagram suggests.

Blog Post and Breakfast

Yes. I added ketchup. Don’t you? The whole time I’m trying to eat/blog, I’m fighting off Kyla who apparently thinks my sandwich is just as delicious as I do and wants all of it.

sandwich stealer

She eventually wins. But just a piece of bread (sucker). 11:50 already? Time to pick up Mason! But not before getting socks on Kyla and starting a load of laundry! This picture? I quadruple checked that everything with the car seats looked okay! Being a blogger people are more likely to comment on my photos especially if something is wrong!

in the car on the way home

We’re back home and settling in by 12:30 then it’s lunchtime and Kyla’s nap time. She naps on my back so while she’s napping and Mason’s eating I work on my chore chart. Yes I have a chore chart. for me.


By 2 o’clock the floors downstairs have been swept and mopped, the dishes are done, stove is clean and so is the bathroom. Kyla is also up from her nap (has been). Now that I’ve gotten a good amount of things done it’s time to catch up in blog land.

How is my traffic? Who needs comments? RTs? Pins? Any good emails? Not 5 minutes after sitting down Mason needs something in the kitchen so up I go. Distracted, I decide to eat lunch and take a shower. Mason plays with toys while I shower and Kyla hangs out in the bathroom with me, peeping in on me the whole time! By the time I get out of the shower it’s time to feed Kyla. This is the face she makes when she sees that it’s nursing time!

Nursing Face

Then it’s time to paint the chalkboard for Kyla’s monthly picture and Instagram a picture because well you have to keep up with Social Media!, while it’s drying I took pictures of my Valentine’s Day Handprint and Footprint art for this post.

Valentine's Day handprint footprint art

Then it was picture time! Here’s a  blooper because, well, 99% of my kid pictures are bloopers!

Kyla 11 Months

Naptime for Kyla equals snack time for Mason and blog time for Mama.  An hour or so later  it’s dinner time that’s been sitting in the crockpot all day and I’ll be off to birth circle where I can talk all things mom, baby and birth! Kyla LOVE carrots, Mason his Green Beans!

Kyla Dinner

By the time I get back from Birth Circle it’s late but my day isn’t over. I have to get Kyla to sleep, edit and schedule some blog posts (*ahem, this one*) and YOU GUESSED IT answer emails! I’ll turn in around 2 typically. Later if I decide to read a little! One day it’ll catch up with me but for now, I stay up late!

So there you have it. The very long (and busy) day of a blogger. I’m just like you, I just take pictures of every recipe I make and every craft I do! I try my hardest to balance work with the kids and I truly have the best of both worlds. I get a creative release daily, I get to spend all day with my kids AND I get adult interaction. Win. Win. Win.

What does your day look like?

A big thanks to Jimmy Dean for not only providing me with a new yummy, quick, easy and low calorie breakfast option but also for inspiring this post. It was super productive day for me! To learn more about all the great things Jimmy Dean has to offer be sure to follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. You can find the Jimmy Dean Delight sandwiches and more Jimmy Dean products at Walmart!

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