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This post brought to you by K12, the leader in online education for grades K-12. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mason just started preschool this year and every day I’m amazed at how much he has seemed to learn. He’s really thriving at school which is great because if for one second I didn’t think that was what was best for him I would pull him since he went in as a three year old.

Preschool for him is only three days a week for 2 1/2 hours which for the most part I think is more than enough at his age however when hes’ in the mood I do like to supplement with stuff that we do home at home like practicing letters and learning sounds. While I’m pretty good with doing different crafts I’m not exactly the best at teaching math or how to read which is one of the reasons homeschooling full time wouldn’t be for me and my family.

When I was approached to try out EmbarK¹² Online, I was really excited. I felt like it could help me supplement what he’s learning at school and still be fun for Mason especially when it comes to school breaks! Keep reading for a EmbarK¹² online coupon code.

It has over 830 interactive activities designed for self-guided and independent learning among children aged 3-6.

Brought to you by K¹², the leader in online education for grades K through 12, this innovative program is based on research and industry standards for early learning. EmbarK¹² Online will prepare your child for Kindergarten with foundational skills such as mathematical reasoning, early literacy, scientific observation, investigative skills, and much more through stimulating engagement.

EmbarK12 Online – Over 830 interactive activities to engage your preschooler.

  • Supplemental Preschool Program
  • 830+ Online activities for children ages 3-6
  • Developed by educational experts
  • 12 Unites of activities (see screen shot above of the home screen for details)

Mason while pretty fluent in the use of my Kindle and iPhone is still getting the hang of using my laptop. He’s had issues in the past figuring out how to navigate everything and use the mouse pad. I was a little nervous that he would have the same issues using EmbarK¹² Online.

Luckily, it turns out I was nervous for no reason! There is a short tutorial in the beginning that he rocked as far as mouse use goes and since every activity has the same basics of navigating it was easy for him to do.

At first he was asking for help a lot but he quickly got used to everything. For the most part he’s mainly into the Art section which I’m completely fine with he’s still little so I’m not worried that he doesn’t want to jump into letter sounds (although that would be cool too).

I’ve also have him exploring other things too like The Human Body and The Five Senses

He also loves the creature creator!

One of my favorite features is the card maker! He can choose the design, what he wants it to say on the front like “Happy BIrthday” and then he can print it, color it, sign it and give it to someone. I love that you can do things both online and offline with the print it feature that’s availble on many of the activities.

Overall I’m really excited that Mason has another activity to do that’s different from his typical color, pretend play, tv, paint etc. Mason seems to enjoy it too so it’s a win win!

Kindergarten readiness programs by K12. Try a sample activity today.

EmbarK¹² Online is only $59 for a 12-month subscription which breaks down to just $4.91 cents a month!  Once you try it and like it you can make it even cheaper by using the coupon code below!

Right now for the next 7 days ONLY use EmbarK¹² Online coupon code “EmbarkSpecial” to get 50% off the yearly program making it only $29.50 for a whole year!


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