Mason’s 4th Dinosaur Birthday Party

Oriental Trading allowed me to choose a variety of dinosaur items for Mason’s Birthday party in hopes that I would blog about where I got them!

Mason had two parties one at his school and then another Dinosaur themed one. He had been talking about doing a Dinosaur birthday party theme since his 3rd birthday was over. Seriously I couldn’t believe that he STILL wanted a Dinosaur theme a year later. But what Mason wants Mason gets and I had so much fun planning it for him!

Just a small side note: Please excuse the lighting on some of these pictures! I just got a new flash but it’s manual and my family was helping me take pictures and I forgot to adjust settings for the flash since they don’t know how to do it! Crazy party planning #fail.

But you know what I can say? I enjoyed this party and I was there IN THE MOMENT! It was amazing to do. But next year? I’m hiring someone to take pictures lol.

On to the party!

Oriental Trading had a fantastic selection of Dinosaur items so I got a lot from them. Dinosaur Tattoos, Dinosaur Sun catchers, and Dinosaur Tablecloths.

suncatchers and tattoos

They also had a lot of Dinosaur toys. I used the small ones as party favors

Dinosaur Party Favor

Basically it was two dinosaurs with a rock that had a dinosaur in the center. The kids were able to bring it home and crack it open there. I was super happy with the way they came out and will share the recipe soon!

I made the cake and cupcakes myself. I was really happy with the way it came out. As always we got a printable party from Proffit Productions. I just love her stuff!

Mason Cake Tables

Mason Cake

We served water and juice boxes for the kids and adults as well as pizza. For activities we had the sun catchers, coloring pages and a bounce house!

bounce house at the party

I think overall everything turned out really well. I can’t believe my little guy is already FOUR! It seems unreal! I was also super happy to have my family there, the only one missing was my little brother Jake!

Garrison Family + George

and of course we got our annual family picture!

Our Family Jan 2014

Let next year’s party planning begin! But FIRST, Kyla turns one!

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Dinosaur Birthday Party

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