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I love doing Birthday parties for Mason, for the most part I keep it simple but I do like to have elements in there that keep it special and of course everything has to be themed! I always let Mason pick out the theme because for his birthday it's whatever he says goes! 

I think my favorite party is gathering ideas for what we're going to do, it's always so much fun! In the past one of his ideas was Batman! He's huge into Superheros (is there a little boy who isn't?) so I had a great time thinking about what we could do for a Batman themed party! There are so many great ideas out there!

First off, invitations! There are so many different things you can do but I just love these! You don't even need an envelope!

I'm a sucker for party hats, they're just so cute!

We had capes at Mason's Birthday party last year and it was a huge hit, a Batman party needs Batman capes!

And you can't hav capes with out a mask! This is a great template that you can download here.

We always get Mason a special custom shirt for his birthday and I swear one of these days we'll all have one!

I love the bat masks here too and the Batman sandwiches!

Speaking of food, Joker Juice seems like a must to wash it all down!

I LOVE this for a game! So stinking cute!

I always love a good photo opp! This would be so cute to have!

I love this party favor, it's cute, fits with the theme and is practical!

And we can't forget about the cake! This year one of Mason's Birthday cakes was a Bakery Crafts Batman Cake. We got our cake at our local Kroger in the bakery department. They had a few Batman Cake Kits to choose from but we chose a more classic take on Batman (they also had The Dark Knight). We choose to get yellow cake with a non diary whipped topping and it was absolutely delicious and everyone raved about how yummy it was! I may have had a couple (or 12) pieces myself!

Best party? The Batman toy on top is usable and prety darn cool, it shoots out of the cave!

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