14 Festive Valentine’s Day Treats

I collected these recipes while working with Foodie. All opinions are 100% my own!

Valentine’s Day is going to be here before you know it! Are you ready?

Like most holidays for me, it’s all about the food. Valentine’s Day is no different and to celebrate I plan on sending out some cards, cooking my loved ones favorite foods and most importantly making them a sweet treat! Valentine’s Day desserts are all about reds, pinks and transforming every day recipes into something LOVEly. It’s all about the accessories with Valentine’s Day!

Want an example? DOUGHNUTS! Now, doughnuts wouldn’t exactly be considered a Valentine’s Day dessert but bake them in a heart doughnut pan cover them in a glaze, add Valentine’s Day sprinkles and BAM. Valentine’s Day doughnuts.

Hazelnut Baked Doughnuts

As I was browsing Foodie to find some easy Valentine’s Day recipes I found so many great ones and as I mentioned before it’s all about the accessories!

See what I mean?

What’s great about these accessories is that you don’t only have to use them for Valentine’s Day so they’re well worth the investment! You can use them for anniversaries, birthdays and easy ways to get creative and say “I Love you”.

Looking for something not as sweet on Valentine’s Day? This pancake/egg heart ring would be the perfect thing for celebrating with a Valentine’s Day breakfast! I also love this mini heart pan. You can freeze some strawberry milk into them and then drop them into a glass of regular milk as a fun surprise Valentine’s Day morning!

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