Kyla’s 10 Months

The months go by so darn quickly! First off she turned 10 month on 1/10/2014. 15 days later this post is finally going up! It’s hard to get her outside because it’s been so darn cold. The first semi warmish day I stuck her outside and snapped away! She was not a happy camper, not because she was cold but because she was getting tired! I need to time these better!

10 Months

Kyla 10 Months

This month was full of Holiday fun! It was her first Christmas and she was spoiled rotten!


Christmas Day she started to wave “bye bye” and she’s only gotten better at it since then. Adding saying “bye bye” to the mix around the 8th of January!

Ky 10 Months

She’s still in six months clothes which always surprises people. She’s not super small but she’s not huge either. She’s pretty much average for weight but a little below average for height which isn’t surprising since B and I aren’t very big!

10 Months Old

She is always on the go with these photo shoots! She never wants to stay put which makes her 365 harder and harder! But we’re SO close! I’ve been doing it for so long that I feel like I have to continue or maybe I’ll take up another project like a 52 Weeks of siblings or something like that!

Kyla 10 Months Old 2

I mean seriously, how could I not take a picture of that face as much as possible!


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Kyla, 46 Weeks in Pictures
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