Kyla, 45 Weeks, in Pictures

Day 310 Monday January 13th 2014–She’s mastered the art of saying “bye bye” and waving!

January 13th 2014

Day 311 Tuesday January 14th 2014–I love this funny face that she makes! She makes it often!

January 14th 2014

Day 312 Wednesday January 15th 2014–This is my favorite picture of the week mainly because it’s pictures like these were it looks like she may still end up with my eyes!

January 15th 2014

Day 313 Thursday January 16th 2014–She looks like an 80s baby with this headband!

January 16th 2014

Day 314 Friday January 17th 2014

January 17th 2014

Day 315 Saturday January 18th 2014

January 18th 2014

Day 316 Sunday January 19th 2014–45 Weeks

January 19th 2014

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    • Christa says

      I keep telling her to slow down and she keeps not listening! KIDS THESE DAYS 😉

      And thank you, I think she gorgeous too but I am a *little* biased so it’s always nice to hear it from others lol.

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