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We’re pretty big here on doing things as Naturally as possibly especially when it comes to our children! We decided long ago that unless it’s absolutely necessary we will not give our children traditional medicine. Instead we look towards natural remedies.

Teething is one of those things that we really try to avoid pain medicine and the like for but at the same time we can only imagine how much it can hurt! Imagine being a little one who has little to no ability to express how they feel except for crying, it makes a mama’s heart hurt.

That’s why I turn to Amber necklaces!

What are the benefits of Amber?

Amber is found in the Baltic Region, primarily in Lithuania, it contains 3-8% of Succinic Acid which has numerous medicinal qualities which are found in the external layer of the Baltic Amber.

Benefits Include:

  • 100% Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Pain relief
  • Calming Properties

In babies it can help:

  • relieve teething pain
  • tame baby’s irritability
  • relieve inflammation in throat, ear and stomach

It has also been used as a natural/home remedy as an anti-toxic and anti-bacterial agent, for headaches, skin irritations, bronchial conditions, throat and thyroid conditions.

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  1. Brandi Dawn says

    I have not ever used them. I have heard of them as being homeopathic is becoming more and more prevalent. I did not realize it was so useful!

  2. Amanda Alvarado says

    We’ve used it! Dd is currently cutting her molars. She’s getting 3 in all at once and her necklace has been a lifesaver!

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