Kyla 38, 39 & 40 Weeks in Pictures

**update 3/9/2014…shortly after publishing this post I found the SD card! It was at Food Lion where it had fell out of my back pocket! I have updated it with the correct pictures!!**

It absolutely breaks my heart to say that due to a SD card mishap that although I did in fact take Kyla’s daily picture from Monday November 25th to December 4th they are most likely forever lost. I’m fairly certain that I washed the SD card and since it is not in the washing machine or in the dryer it is safe to say that it is in the sewer system somewhere.

I’m so sad about it. I worked really hard on this 365 and in addition to losing those pictures I also lost her First Halloween and First Thanksgiving pictures. I do have some pictures on my phone from these days but they are still many gaps. I will fill in where I can with phone pictures.

Day 261 Monday November 25th 2013

November 25th

Day 262 Tuesday November 26th 2013

This is a picture of a picture and I’m SO sad I don’t have these pictures anymore. They were some of my favorite from this month.

November 26th

Day 263 Wednesday November 27th 2013

November 27th

Day 264 Thursday November 28th 2013 aka Baby’s 1st Thanksgiving

November 28th

Day 265 Friday November 29th 2013

November 29th

Day 266 Saturday November 30th 2013

November 30th

Day 267 Sunday December 1st 2013 — 38 Weeks

December 1st

Day 268 Monday December 2nd 2013

December 2nd

Day 269 Tuesday December 3rd 2013

December 3rd

Day 270 Wednesday December 4th 2013

December 4th


Day 271 Thursday December 5th 2013

December 5th

Day 272 Friday December 6th 2013

December 6th edited

Day 273 Saturday December 7th 2013

December 7th

Day 274 Sunday December 8th 2013–39 Weeks

December 8th edited

Day 275 Monday December 9th 2013

December 9th

Day 276 Tuesday December 10th 2013–9 Months

December 10th

Day 277 Wednesday December 11th 2013

December 11th

Day 278 Thursday December 12th 2013– Inside out Day

December 12th

Day 279 Friday December 13th 2013

December 13th

Day 280 Saturday December 14th 2013

December 14th

Day 281 Sunday December 15th 2013 –40 Weeks

December 15th

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