Holiday Gift Guide: B. Toys Walkness Monster

Can you believe that Kyla is old enough to cruise? Because I can hardly believe it, but it’s true! Just the other day we were at the doctor’s office and she actually took a step. Two steps actually (at different times) and that’s not the first time she did it either. It was just the first time she did it AGAIN. Which means the first time wasn’t a fluke and she’s officially learning how to walk.

By the time Mason was this age he was already walking, so I’m slightly surprised that Kyla isn’t walking yet. But I’m not in a rush though. I love my non-walking baby. Since she’s so good at cruising though I thought a fun “walker” was in order!



I LOVE this Walkness Monster from B. Toys for so many reasons. First its good for babies 10 Months – 4 years. I love toys that can grow with your child. They can use it as something to balance them as they learn to walk. It comes with 8 colorful balls that they can place in the cart and then watch drop out.


Since there is a door at the bottom the balls can either stay in the top of the cart or drop to the bottom which means that it also functions as a “shopping cart”.

Even though this is a toy for Kyla, I can totally see Mason enjoying it as well.



The Walkness Monster by B. Toys is available at Target and select specialty stores.

Looking for another awesome B Toys item for a Baby? Check out the B.Parum Pum Pum Drum. 

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