Boost Your Child’s Immunity All Winter Long

Mason has been in school for a couple of months now and I’m so happy to report that he has only been sick once the entire time, I think it’s in large part because we have tried really hard to follow the 12 Natural Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity I posted about in August a little bit before school started for us.

But now comes the dreaded winter. And some of the top Natural Immune boosters we use, staying physically active, play dates and Vitamin D exposure (aka the sun) have slowed down a lot due to the busy holiday season and the weather.

So what’s a Mom and kid(s) to do when the weather gets cool? GET CREATIVE!


1. Exercise inside! Since we don’t get outside as much as we normally do during the warmer months I like encourage Mason to get active in the house! Lately we’ve been doing a lot of running in place. “Who can run in place the longest?” “I bet I can do 25 jumping jacks before you”. One of Mason’s favorite is to race up the stairs! You can even consider getting a kids workout dvd! Mason took a yoga class not too long ago and loved it!

2.  Active Indoor Activities. When winter comes Mason tends to watch a little more TV then I would like. It seems as if there is nothing to do. But that is not true, there are plenty of things you can do to stay active inside

  • Stage a dance party! Put on your favorite songs and dance until you’re to tired to dance anymore.
  • Build a fort and then read stories or have lunch there
  • Make an indoor obstacle course
  • For 1-2 meals/snacks involve them. Let them whisk the eggs or even crack it open!
  • Have them help you clean. Mason loves to help when I explain to him how he’s the only one who can do it “right”.

More great ideas here.

3. Join an indoor play area like your local Children’s Museum. By joining a Children’s museum you’ll have a place to go that helps break you out of the every day routine. On top of that there is bound to be at least one other child there so you’ll get an insta-play date!

4.  Bundle up and do 20 minute spurts outside. If it’s not raining or frostbite cold then bundle up and head outside between the hours of 11-2. That’s when it will be the warmest outside. You don’t have to be out for long. Just enough to get some sun on your face! Nature Walks and Scavenger hunts are great to do and keep the kids minds on something other than being cold. Ideas:

  • Stay outside until you find something red, something green, something blue and something yellow
  • Stay outside until you find a stick, rock and leaf
  • Hide 1-5 items outside and have them find the items

5. Fill up a muffin tin! Making sure your kids get all the fruits and vegetables they need can be really hard. But you can make it easier on yourself by portioning out the fruit and vegetables they need for the day in a muffin tin. At every meal and snack pull the muffin tin out and let them choose what they want to eat from it.


Ideally by the end of day everything in the muffin tin will be gone! Don’t stress if it’s not though! Mason goes in spurts one day I won’t be able to “stop” him from eating fruits and vegetables and other days he wants nothing to do with them!

 6. Make bedtime calming. Sleep is integral to a healthy immune system but getting them there and getting them to stay there can be absolutely insane at times. The one thing we have going for us during the winter is that it gets dark earlier! Getting Mason to bed during the summer was hard but now that the sun goes down earlier while a major bummer in other areas, it helps with sleep a lot. Make bed time easier by starting the process earlier and making it a little longer. YES, by the end of the day you’re just DONE and ready for the kids to head to bed. But if you start the process a half hour earlier it gives them time to unwind and gives you a little more patience!



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  1. Alissa Overholt says

    Breastmilk! That's my go to for immunity. L is still nursing right now but I plan on keeping pumped milk in the deep freezer for as long as possible for when he weans himself. I also try to avoid any type of antibiotics for minor illness and stick with more homeopathic remedies!

  2. Beth R says

    We always try to stay active. That is one way we do it. There are a few youtube videos that are movement based for kids that my oldest loves

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