Do You Smell That? (#Motherfunny with NickMom)

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client. They asked me to share a #MotherFunny story that would fit in with all the funny shared on NickMom.

First comes love

Before we were parentsThen comes marriage

Then comes the baby in the baby carriage! Except before that the baby needs to spend FOREVER in mama’s belly. What seems like forever ago I found out that I was pregnant and about 20 weeks after I found out I was pregnant with a little boy.

it's a boy

And about 21 weeks after this shot was taken the two of us became the three of us

First Family Photo

Note how tired we look versus the first picture. Is that parenthood on our faces?!

I had always wanted a boy first but with me being a girl I never thought about a lot of the things that come with being a boy. Like they have a penis. And I don’t. But when he was first born that didn’t matter at all! When Mason was born B and I decided that when it comes to certain private areas we would use the proper terms.

Mason: What’s this mommy?

Me: Mason, that’s your penis.


And apparently it’s not just Mason who thinks the word penis is HILARIOUS. Everyone thinks it’s hilarious which makes me feel absolutely mortified.

See this scenario

I don't need to wash my hands!

That last scene? That happened to me verbatim the other day, I for once actually LOL’d when I saw that last scene because I got it, I’ve been there. But I brushed it off and laughed along with everyone else, know why? The kid had a point. You can find more of the funny at NickMom. But stick around here for a bit first!

That was not the first nor will it be the last time that Mason blesses us with his penis saying self.

After Kyla was born we all went to Red Lobster for a nice little dinner. I love seafood and it was Endless Shrimp and well Mama wanted some endless shrimp. As is almost always the case we had to sit in the waiting room a bit which is fine because it gives Mason a chance to decompress a little and take a look at the lobsters!


Mason loves the lobsters, I like watching them too, it makes me kinda sad sometimes but then I’m like welllll they’ll be eating soon. And it’ll probably be by me so that’s kinda hypocritical right? Right. So don’t feel bad just eat!

So there we are sitting in the waiting room and it’s B, myself, the kids and a couple of older women one in particular who was fawning over Mason and Kyla and how cute they were. duh.

Then it happens. Mason looks at me and he has this confused look on his face

Mason: Do you smell that?

Me: Smell what? The tank? Smells yucky right?

Mason: :::Mason continues to laugh::: It’s smells like….it smells like…like…like PENIS

Me: :::looks around:::

Remember that sweet older woman who was fawning over my kids? Well now she’s stifling a laugh. B is BEET red and I’m mortified. I quickly tell Mason that he’s not to use the word penis in that manner. I ALMOST asked him what penis smelled like. and I apologized to the people in the waiting room.

Luckily she just laughed it off and told me not even to worry about it a little bit!

Later I heard her telling the story to the group of women she had been waiting for.

Moral of the story: Teach your kids the proper word for their genitals but prepared to have them use it. LOUDLY. And be grateful when others laugh it off with you. The joy of having kids!

And hey at least it wasn’t your husband screaming penis, now that would have been awkward!

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  1. Heidi says

    You gotta love kids- they keep us laughing! I keep a journal of all the hilarious and odd things my daughter says 🙂

  2. Summer Davis says

    I can’t remember if Styles ever did something like that, but Madilyn loves to talk about her vagina as loudly as possible when we’re out and about. It’s mortifying. I love when I hear kids acting crass out in public. I don’t know why I think it’s not normal! At least they keep us laughing, right? #client
    Summer Davis recently posted..5 Practical Reasons You Should Have an Intel TabletMy Profile

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