The Perfect Thanksgiving Menu

There are less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. 10 days to be exact!

B and I usually sit down and plan our entire menu, what we’re going to have, who’s going to cook what, WHERE we’re going to cook what. We’re fortunate that we live next door to B’s dad so we’re able to use his oven which is huge when you have way to many things to put in the oven.

Typically I handle all of the sides and the desserts. B does the deviled eggs, turkey and ham. It sounds like a lot on my plate but I really like B to concentrate on the turkey and plusalso I may be totally OCD about Thanksgiving and the sides and I want to do it all. If I don’t B starts adding in all these changes that drive me absolutely insane.

This year’s menu is heavily influenced by the fact that we have two kids now and even though we have two ovens we usually employ our toaster oven as well but that is out of commission this year. We prep as much as we can the day before and cook pretty much all day long. So for us it’s about things we can prep or make the day before. This year, like last year, all the desserts will be made the night before as well as many of the side dishes! And I’m so excited to be utilizing my crock pot this year!

That’s the menu I’ll be presenting to B when we sit down (soon) to discuss the menu. I’m pretty darn sure he’s going to be impressed with all my tech savvyness and I’ll get every last thing approved by the “head” chef!


Disclosure: I was provided compensation by Foodie by Glam to create this collection and post which I’m incredibly grateful for since it gave the swift kick I needed to start planning our Thanksgiving menu.

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  1. Beth R says

    I am hosting our first Thanksgiving this year with my entire family and the in-law. I am just hoping it is edible. I am making everything but the rolls, pecan pie, and stuffing. So hopefully the turkey turns out

  2. joanna garcia says

    that looks so yummy! on my must have has to be my aunts stuffing, my grandmas turkey, my moms ham, and then everything is good!

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