#TheBabyLadies Blogger Baby Shower Sponsor Highlight: Infant Lane Merino Wool

It’s been quite a few months since we had the blogger baby shower but I still have one more sponsor to share with you, Infant Lane.

Why wait until now? Because Infant Lane carries some of the warmest clothes for your child aged 0-6.

I’m not sure what the weather is like around you but it’s getting chilly around here. We had a really cold week and then it warmed up but now we’re falling back into a crisp fall weather with winter right around the corner. All infant lane products are made out of  100% Merino Wool. And from personal experience they are BEYOND soft!

Merino Wool Sleeping Bags


For Kyla it’s important that she stay warm while also not being overwhelmed with blankets for safety reasons. These  Merino Wool sleeping bags are perfect for YEAR ROUND use. All you have to do is change out what they’re wearing underneath. Each sleeping bag has a soft layer of New Zealand Merino wool which helps to regulate and circulate air around your child’s body.

Merino Wool Baby Swaddles


This 100% Merino Wool Swaddle replicates the swaddling techniques used by medical professionals worldwide. Swaddling helps give babies the feeling of being in the womb. Benefits of Merino wool have been proven to help regulate baby’s body temperature and draw moisture away from the body and keep the baby warm at the same time.

Merino Wool Blankets


Who doesn’t love a warm, soft blanket as the weather begins to cool? These are  100% Merino Wool Blankets and measure 110x100cm.



These 100% Merino Wool Hats are the perfect complement to the swaddle blankets and sleeping sacks but are also great to complement your child’s outfit for outdoor use! They come in numerous colors to match everything they’re wearing.



I wish they made these in adult sizes! As with all Infant Lane products these Pajamas are made out of 100% Merino Wool and come in size 1-6. They have both girl and boy options and will be sure to keep your little one warm this fall and winter!



These ponchos are a perfect alternative to traditional coats and are amazing for getting the kids too and from the car while keeping them warm and avoiding bulky coats that can compress in an accident. They have a cotton outer layer and a Merino Wool inner layer to keep the kids warm! It comes in the grey pictured as well as a pink polka dot.

Thermal Underwear

MerinoWoolThermalTop MerinoWoolThermalBottom

When it comes to cold weather layering is your best friend. It’s huge for us during the winter when we go out and when we go camping in the Fall and Spring. Infant Lane Merino Wool Thermals will keep your kids body temperature regulated, warm and comfy all day and night long!

Infant Lane offers the best in Merino Wool with quality products that will last. One of our Baby Ladies, Emily from Baby Dickey has a pair for each of her kids and she can not say enough good things about them!

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  1. Beth R says

    Those ponchos are to cute! I didn’t know they even made them. They would be perfect around here for fall and spring!

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