Easy Photobooth and Thanksgiving Prop Ideas

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Earlier this week B and the kids and I headed to the pumpkin patch. I had planned on getting these adorable pictures of my children smiling among the pumpkins, I was lucky and got a few great pictures of Kyla.

Kyla Pumpkin Patch

But Mason is a whole different story. I say smile and look and the camera and he does this



On the way home I mulled over my not so great pictures and how disappointed I was that I didn’t get good pictures of Mason and Kyla. Don’t these children realize that if they would just smile the picture taking would be over way quicker! But alas they don’t. And then it occurred to me, don’t *I* realize that being asked to stand in front of a camera is BORING and no fun?!

So what do you do? You make it fun with a photo booth!

Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props and Ideas

Okay so it’s not a booth. But it’s a good spot where I can put the kids and anyone else who wants to play along. I’ve looked at other photos booth ideas before, AMAZING ideas but sometimes they’re so elaborate I give up before even making it passed step #3.

Here’s what I did. I went to Target and browsed the dollar spot for ideas and photo props. While there I found a nice sized brown fleece blanket which is now my background. I also found little wine bags that said “Gobble till you wobble” I figured those would be perfect to spice up the brown background. I also purchased some Velcro adhesive so that I could hang up the blanket and the Gobble Till You Wobble Bags.

While there I also picked up some hats, Thanksgiving themed paper straws and card stock so I could create my own props. For my props I used a Knife, Fork and Turkey Leg. I’m going to save you some trouble. Click on the images below, download and print and you’ll have these props for your Thanksgiving photos too!

Fork and Knife Thanksgiving Props Turkey Leg Photoprop

Make sure to print them on card stock and then attach them to stick or to Thanksgiving paper straws like I did. Then let your kids pick out their favorite props to use. I put a little hat on Kyla that I made from a kit they sell in Target and I gave her the turkey leg. Mason got the knife and the fork so he could pretend to eat his sister!

Easy Thanksgiving Photo Booth

Thanksgiving Photo Booth

Partners in Crime Thanksgiving Photo Props

I also managed to get a cute one of Mason wearing the Turkey hat!

Mason Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

When Mason got tired of the photo booth and playing I took some of Kyla. She’s still nice to me when it comes to taking pictures, even if she doesn’t always smile!

Pilgram Hat Prop

The Take Home

Don’t consider yourself a crafty mom? RAISES HAND.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to be crafty. Take these simple ideas and run with it. There are plenty of photo props to be found in the Target Dollar Spot, a dollar store near you or around your home and on the internet.

Backgrounds can be anything you want them to be:


Postal Paper

Decorated Cardboard

Wrapping Paper (Great for a Christmas Photobooth)

Poster Board

And after all is said and done and you’re still not happy with the result, that’s what picmonkey is for!

And remember, next time you go to take pictures of the kids, make it fun and make sure they’re adorable and well dressed! And that’s where Carter’s comes in! They want to help your children be well dressed during all their holiday outings and pictures!

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