Kyla: 8 Months


It’s that time again! Kyla is one month older! She turned 8 months old on 11/10/2013.

How does this keep happening?

At 8 Months old, Kyla never stops moving

Kyla 8 Months Never stops moving

It’s becoming harder and harder to take her daily pictures! As soon as I sit her down she’s jumping up ^^ literally and is crawling away trying to find something cooler to do. Getting a good picture is a dime a dozen but it does happen!

Kyla 8 Months SmilesSometimes it requires some distraction like one of her favorite teething toys, my PHONE!

Kyla 8 Months plays with phone

But either way I make sure to get a picture on her 8 month birthday!

What else is Kyla doing?!

  • Kyla is still exclusively breast fed except for a few solids but still not a drop of formula! I’m so proud of this accomplishment!
  • She has been eating some food but still prefers Mama’s milk although she does love sucking on her first food, honey crisp apples!
  • Kyla went on another plane ride! This time to Las Vegas!
  • She learned how to climb up stairs (in Vegas)
  • She stands on her own for a couple of seconds and is getting more daring every day!
  • She babbles and screeches which oddly enough I find adorable!
  • She’s still obsessed with Mason she lights up when she sees him
  • She’s still taking naps about 3 naps per day
  • She doesn’t sleep through the night we’re not concerned
  • She’s up every morning by 9am the latest
  • She’s really chill and just goes with the flow
  • She still loves being worn.
  • She had her first major rash, it was awful and latest about a week or so but she was a really good sport the whole time!

As she works her way to  9 Months I know that she’ll have even more milestones to share next month! Hint?! She’s CRUISING. Okay that wasn’t a hint I gave it away but still squeeee she’s one step closer to walking, which is actually kind of scary! Hold me.

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  1. Lara Wieler says

    She is so adorable! I am glad to see my little girl isn't the only one that size. Although she is still in size 2 diapers she is now at 9 months starting to fit size 6 months clothes. If I win the $50 carters gift card I at least know size 6 months things will fit her. And Great idea with the Chalk board! I think I may start doing that.

  2. Beth R says

    You should be so proud of that breastfeeding accomplishment! Way to go Mama! Love the smiles she gives you. What a sweet one!

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