Kyla, 36 & 37 Weeks, in Pictures

Day 247 Monday November 11th 2013

November 11th

Day 248 Tuesday November 12th 2013

November 12th

Day 249 Wednesday November 13th 2013

November 13th 2

Day 250 Thursday November 14th 2013

Baby’s 1st pony tail ever! Seriously in love with this!

November 14th

Day 251 Friday November 15th 2013

November 15th

Day 252 Saturday November 16th 2013

November 16th

Day 253 Sunday November 17th 2013–36 Weeks

November 17th

Day 254 Monday November 18th 2013

November 18th

Day 255 Tuesday November 19th 2013

November 19th

Day 256 Wednesday November 20th 2013

November 20th

Day 257 Thursday November 21st 2013

November 21st

Day 258 Friday November 22nd 2013

November 22nd

Day 259 Saturday November 23rd 2013

November 23rd

Day 260 Sunday November 24th 2013 –37 Weeks

November 24th

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  1. joanna garcia says

    omg she is too cute!! my daughter has thin hair too and she is over a year old and we still cannot pick anything up with it! LOL so i will love her first ponytail too!

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