Kyla, 34 & 35 Weeks in Pictures

Day 233 Monday October 28th 2013

October 28th

Day 234 Tuesday October 29th 2013

October 29th

Day 235 Wednesday October 30th 2013

October 30th

Day 236 Thursday October 31st 2013 —Baby’s 1st Halloween

October 31st

October 31st Halloween Costume

Day 237 Friday November 1st

November 1st

Day 238 Saturday November 2nd

November 2nd

Day 239 Sunday November 3rd 2013: 34 Weeks

November 3rd

Day 240 Monday November 4th 2013

November 4th

Day 241 Tuesday November 5th 2013

November 5th

Day 242 Wednesday November 6th 2013

Kyla 11-6

Day 243 Thursday November 7th 2013

November 7th

Day 244 Friday November 8th 2013

November 8th

Day 245 Saturday November 9th 2013


Day 246 Sunday November 10th 2013: 35 Weeks & 8 Months Old!

November 10th

Image Map

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  1. Janet W. says

    What a cutie! She’s even adorable when she cries! (with no sound, that is!) 😉

    She’s ready to explore the world!

  2. Beth R says

    I love the elephant picture! I think we have one similar to that this Halloween too 🙂 She is just getting so big!

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