Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Never Land Rescue Activities

One of Mason’s favorite shows is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. As his mother I really enjoy it as well. I feel like not only has he learned things from Jake and the Neverland Pirates but his imaginative play has really gone through the roof which is a huge plus for me. I love hearing him play pretend! Recently Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue arrived at our doorstep and Mason was SO excited. I was instructed to put it on pretty much immediately.



Something strange is happening all over Never Land.All things magical are disappearing! First, Jake’s sword vanishes, followed by Izzy’s pixie dust – and even all the directions on Cubby’s map fade away! Jake and his crew soon learn that this is all happening because the Forever Tree, the source of magic on Never Land, is old and dying. As the great tree withers, the magic will continue to disappear, until Never Land itself fades away! But there is hope. Jake must go on the Forever Quest to get new pixie dust, a new map, and a new sword. All three items must be brought to the top of Mount Destiny by sundown, where they will help bring forth the new Forever Tree. The one who saves the magic of Never Land will receive some of the magic of the new tree, making them the most powerful pirate in all of Never Land! Of course, Captain Hook also wants this magic for himself – and he too takes on this great challenge. Despite the odds against Jake, our brave hero saves the magic, and brings forth the birth of a new Forever Tree! Yo ho, way to go, Jake! INCLUDES FREE EXCLUSIVE SWORD WITH GLOW-IN-THE-DARK STICKERS

This DVD comes with a “Destiny Sword” which Mason noticed right away, he was SO excited about it. I blew it up for him and he played with it pretty much the entire time he watched the movie!

As I mentioned one of the reasons I love Jake and the Never Land Pirates is because it helps encourage imaginative play for Mason. You can help further encourage it with these Never Land Rescue Activities

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Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Never Land rescue comes to DVD on 11/19 Pre-order here

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  1. Beth R says

    My son loves this show! I have to agree with you that I think the Destiny Sword would be the main attraction though 🙂

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