Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Glitzi Globes & The Trash Pack

This Halloween instead of the traditional candy (as yummy as it is) we handed out some of The Trash Pack Gang Series 1, The Trash Pack Trading Cards and Glitzi Globes.


One of the places I handed them out was Mason’s preschool and it was a huge hit. Mason instantly became obsessed with them and when we went to our friends to Trick or Treat and hand out Glitzi Globes and The Trash Pack Gang their kids became pretty obsessed too.

Now that it’s the holiday season Mason is still loving his “Trashies”. So of course it has been requested that Santa put some in his stocking!

But what are they you ask?

Trashies are little Trash Monsters who come in Trash cans.


They come in a variety of different sizes and each series has about 100 Trashies to collect. Right now there are 5 series! With your help your little one can mark which ones they have as they grow their collection.


What I love about these is you don’t even have to wrap them and it’s double the surprise since you have no idea what trashie you’ll get in every package!

Is your little girl not into gross looking trash monsters? Then she might like Glitzi Globes, it’s a similar concept with it being small and collectable!

Glitzi Globes are mini make it yourself snow globes.

glitzi globes

Like the Trashies there are numerous Glitzi Globes to collect, six themes and 18 characters to be exact! They also have display cases!

glitzi globe display caseWhen I was younger I love stuff like this, I’m huge on collecting things and it seems like Mason likes doing it as well!


Purchase the Glitzi Globe Starter Kit and put an extra collection in their stocking.

Purchase a large Trash Pack item like The Trash Pack Garbage Truck and get Trashies to fill it in their stocking!


Both Glitzi Globes and The Trash Pack can be found at numerous local retailers including Walmart and Target as well as Amazon.

Glitzi Globe on Amazon.

The Trash Pack on Amazon.

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  1. meredith says

    Iv never heard of these either! I love them as a stocking stuffer idea though.. i love anything that isnt just candy!!

  2. Beth R says

    What a fun idea! I love that there is a surprise in each one. That is one of the best features. I bet my little guy would love these

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