Easy Ways to Coordinate Outfits for the Holidays + Carter’s $50 #Giveaway #CartersHoliday

Here’s the truth. This post is inspired by Carter’s who I officially wish made Mom clothes because I am not always put together. I WANT to be but it just doesn’t always happen. But my kids? They’re put together. Come holiday time we’ll be getting ready to walk out the door and my kids will be dressed to the nines and I’ll still be wearing yoga pants (and I didn’t even do yoga)  and spit up in my hair. Now that I have TWO babies to dress I’ve fallen even more to the wayside BUT my kids look cute and I love when my kids look cute.

I’m all about coordinating the two of them especially now that I can, I know that in a couple of years they’re not going to allow it and I want to get away with it while I still can. It’s not always easy to find coordinating outfits for them though, this much I’ve learned from a recent photo shoot we did where I wanted them to coordinate. From my recent almost fiasco I’ve learned some things and I’m going to share them with you!


1. Stick to one brand.  The easiest way to coordinate is to stick to one branding of clothing when shopping for your kids for a specific event that you want them to coordinate for *ahem* family photos the holidays. With each collection that comes out they’ve already done the coordinating for you. If you find something in the boys section of your local store head straight to the girls section and I would bet money you would find an equally cute counterpart.

2. Pick a piece. Once you pick what brand your want browse what they have available. Pick one dress, top or pant and build the rest of your outfits around that piece.

3. Coordinate, don’t “match”. You want people to think “they look together” not “they match”. If you have a family of 4 (like me) Put your daughter in a red dress, your son in a pin striped polo with red as the accent color, your husband in a coordinating color button up like black and yourself in another matching color like white with a red belt. Keep the pop color consistent but don’t make it HUGE on everyone. And to be clear. Matching is okay and FUN sometimes. You’ll see what I mean in a bit!

Using these tips I came up with coordinating outfits for my two babies! I started off by picking one brand, Carter’s. Then I visited their Holiday shop and picked out one piece that I liked in the boys department (his top) and picked Kyla’s and Mason’s outfit around it. I threw in PJs because we always change them at some point when we’re doing holiday stuff!

Coordinating Siblings for the Holidays

I followed the steps above and by doing so it was easy for me to come up with something adorable for the kids to wear for the holidays and even to bed.Can you imagine how cute my pictures are going to look?! Cause I can! And I for one KNOW that coordinating outfits even dare I say it MATCHING outfits can make some of the cutest pictures. Ever since I was a little girl my Oma has purchased all 15+ of her grandchildren matching and coordinating Christmas PJs and every year we take family photos in them! When we were younger we all thought it was pretty lame but now looking back at it I have fond memories of it and I love that she’s now keeping it alive with my kids and getting them pajamas as well! Here’s just 5 of us in our matching PJs! That tradition is part of why I want to get the kids coordinating PJs! I love the ones above but they also have microfleece PJs available in addition to the 100% cotton like the ones above!


Photo editing done by a super cute then teenager who wasn’t me! I had already had Mason in this picture! Fun right? You can see one of my male cousins (possibly a brother) is wearing coordinating PJs in red next to us.

All the outfits I picked above can be found at Carter’s. Carter’s Holiday Shop has an entire selection of baby girl holiday dress up and baby boy holiday dress up with accessories like jewelry, headbands and cute socks to complete your little one’s holiday looks. If you have a little one who’s celebrating their first holidays they also have sweet bibs, sets and bodysuits.

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  1. Marla DeMarcantonio Gaglione says

    Love the coordinating PJ's. Great reminder to make sure to pack PJs for the kids at the Holidays!

  2. Jillian Huff says

    I love the micro fleece cardigan set (love those toggles!) And it would be fantastic to get Jude a pair of corduroys!

  3. Kelli says

    I love the sleeveless lace dresses in the little girl’s section because it would be easy to dress up or down for SoCal winters. 🙂

  4. Natalie F says

    Love Carters. I love the “2-Piece Christmas Bodysuit Pant Set” – Style # V_121B922
    Can’t wait to put my daughter in it.

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