Starburst Candy Corn Frame Tutorial

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Last year Mason really started getting into Halloween, it was the first year that everything really clicked for him. We’re loving every moment of that and because he’s more into the holidays this year I REALLY want to make an effort to get into the Halloween Spirit! So far we’ve been reading a different Halloween book every night before bed, we have TWO Halloween countdowns going on (one is more adult like for decorating and the other is a witch who’s hair will get longer and longer until Halloween) and of course we’re decorating.

I don’t have a ton of Halloween Decor yet but I figure that will come with time.  This year I added some cute hand towels and a cute little Starburst Candy Corn Frame! Starburst Candy Corn has teamed up with Tori Spelling who helped to create crafts using Starburst Candy Corn. They had a ton of adorable stuff but I thought the frame was the most fun and festive so I decided to recreate it!

Crafting with Candy

Have you ever tried crafting with candy with your Children? You have to buy like three bags just to compensate for what they not so sneakily eat. Whereas if you craft with candy yourself you only need to buy one extra bag because you’re the only one not so sneakily eating it! So in an effort to save my son from OD’ing on sugar I decided to wait until he was at school to create this project. This took me less than an hour so it’s also something that can easily be done during nap time, if you’re one of the lucky souls who still has a child who naps.

You’ll Need

Black Paint (optional)

Paintbrush (optional)

One Frame

One Bag of Starburst Candy Corn

Hot Glue Gun


You can pick up a frame at your local craft store or anywhere they sll frames. I picked mine up at Walmart since my local craft store was all out. My frame was unfinished wood so I opted to paint it black to give it a Halloween feel for the spots that would show through the candy

crafting with candy step 1

Once the paint has dried grab your hot glue gun, spread glue along the Starburst Candy Corn and place the pieces down horizontally alternating the direction of the pieces so that they touch tip to tip and base to base. I went around the entire outside first and then started with the inside.

craftng with candy step 2

Continue to attach the Starburst Candy Corn base to base and tip to tip until the whole frame is covered

Crafting with Candy Step 3

As you can see some of the frame *does* show through so I highly suggest painting it if your frame is unfinished or doesn’t have a Halloween color. The picture can be of your kids in their favorite Halloween costume or YOU in your favorite Halloween costume. I plan on filling it with a picture of Kyla and Mason but in the mean time I put a simple “Trick or Treat”.

Starburst Candy Corn Crafting

When Mason came home and saw our new frame he happily exclaimed “IS THAT CANDY?!” He thought it was pretty cool and I loved seeing how excited it made him!

The Frame was so fun and easy to make that I think I’m going to add this door sign to my list of things to craft:

Tori Spelling for Starburst

Learn More

Find crafts & more on the Starburst Candy Corn Facebook Page!


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  1. Mariaelena D says

    This is a good idea and cheap! My 4 year old would probably love to do it…hoping he doesn’t eat all the candy first!


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