ABC Expo: Potty Training and Elimination Communication

How has it been two weeks since I went to ABC in Las Vegas? It was my first year going and it was SO overwhelming but in a really good way. I got to meet a lot of the representatives behind the brands I work with often and I got to see a ton of new products from brands I know and love and products from companies I have never heard of before. Overall it was an amazing experience and I’m already excited for next year!

I have a lot to share and I’m going to start with some Potty Training and Elimination Communication tools.

Potty Training

NextStep Potty Training Seat

I saw quite a few things at ABC that caught my eye in regards to potty training. First up and quite possibly my favorite is the NextStep Potty Training Seat.


This product has been around for quite some time and many people said that they have it and love it. So why don’t we all know about it? When you start potty training you typically go to the baby section of your local store but these seats aren’t found there, instead they’re found near were you find traditional toilet seats!

I absolutely love that these seats do not take up ANY extra room in your house. This is perfect for parents who don’t have a lot of space or parents who don’t want traditional potty seats clogging up their bathroom!

Jahgoo Urinal

I have a little boy and potty training him wasn’t always the easiest what I did find is he loved doing things like daddy does which is why I love this potty training urinal by Jahgoo. It’s not quite out yet but I’m pretty excited for it when it does come out. For little boys it will make going to the potty fun! And the design makes it functional for parents. Because it attaches to the wall it also doesn’t take up a lot of space!


Kolcraft Stand Up Trainer

Kolcraft also makes a urinal that stands on the floor. I love all the options for little boys and potty training!

Intelligent Potty

Intelligent Potty

Intelligent Potty from Intelligent Potty on Vimeo.

As an Ecer I love that the Intelligent Potty encourages the proper position for releasing the bowels AND makes a “sssssss” sound. I do this every day with Kyla so it would be nice for the potty to do it on it’s own!

Baby Throne

The Baby Throne is made for Elimination Communication. It really makes it easy and most importantly COMFORTABLE to follow your baby’s cues and limit the amount of diapers you have.

BabyThroneThis would have been perfect for Kyla in the earlier months and now as well since she can’t hold herself up on the potty!

Check back soon for more ABC goodness!

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  1. says

    Wow, so many products! With three boys in the house, I'm just happy that we have a boys' bathroom and a girls bathroom, for when the boys graduate from potty training.

  2. Janet W. says

    We actually have the NextStep Potty Training Seat that fits on the regular toilet. It’s so easy for my grandson to use and it’s just perfect for him and potty training!

  3. Laura says

    Ooh…I need to get the built in potty seat. I think the one advantage of having a separate kids’ potty would be to take potty trips together once LO understands more of what’s happening.

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