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My pictures of Mason have been lacking lately. Not on purpose I want to take pictures of my little man and show him off just as much as I show off Kyla. However Mason is faster then Kyla and way more defiant when it comes to actually looking at the camera. I hear it’s a three year old thing (and four year old thing). It drives me INSANE. So much so that when I do get a good picture of him I want to hurry up and head to the poster frame depot, blow it up and plaster it all over my house as proof that he does in fact sometimes look at the camera and actually smile. Although it often happens so fast that I can barely focus my camera and often miss doing so completely but when your kid is cute it doesn’t matter

Mason Smiles


He also does these amazingly adorable poses when I ask him to be a model.

Mason Models 3Mason Models 2Mason Model Pose

Apparently models think a lot, really really hard. It reminds me of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You and the “pensive modeling scene” here it is for your viewing pleasure, it starts about 18 seconds in

Years later that scene, that entire movie always gets me, who would have though my three year old would be the one to remind me about it?!

Tomorrow is Halloween so hopefully I’ll be coming back here and sharing some more adorable pictures of Mason. It may even be possible that he’ll be smiling. Rest assured it’s not from something miraculous I did to make him start enjoying the camera but instead from an insane sugar high that I’m going to wish I never allowed for the next week! Wish me luck because I may even attempt sibling photos.

Send happy thoughts my way. I’m gonna need it!


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    Oh, I totally feel your pain. My Mason now sticks out his tongue if you ask him to say cheese. Bribing no longer works because he now bounces up and down or looks everywhere BUT the camera in anticipation of the treat. So many blurry or “less than cute” pictures lately. Ugh.
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