Mason Does Apple Picking

This weekend I met up with some March Moms so we could get our little March babies together, Mason of course came with. Since Kyla is clearly too young to pick Apples I was excited to see Mason pick some Apples. When we first arrived he had just woken up from a nap so he was not a happy camper! After a bit of walking and apple picking he got into it. Especially when he saw the net you could use to get the apples from high up.

It was a struggle for *me* to use the net yet he insisted on using it all by himself.

Mason Apple Picking Collage 1

He got it at the perfect angle and used the ground to help him. He problem solved.

Mason Apple Picking Collage 2

At this point a group of UVA students had stopped to watch him. One young guy offered to help but I explained that he just wanted to do it himself.

Mason Apple Picking Collage 3

and do it himself he did. We all cheered, me, the moms I was with and the group of UVA students! He was SO happy!

So happy in fact that he wanted to do it 7 more times. I told him one and he replied EIGHT. I said one again and he expressed his dissatisfaction

Mason Apple Picking Collage 4

And then he did it one more time with the promise of ice cream luring him away.

It was SO hot and busy that I didn’t get any pictures of Kyla or Kyla and Mason together in the orchard so we’ll be going again to a local orchard to get those classic seasonal photos!

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Pumpkin Spice Almonds
Kyla, in pictures: 30 Weeks

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