Vampire Bat, Mummy & Spider Halloween Craft for Your Preschooler

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I’ve said this before but Mason is finally old enough to really get the Holidays and it’s so exciting picking out things to do with him to help celebrate. I decorated, we read themed books while at home, have two count downs going on and of course he’s doing crafts at school. But still I want to do more!

With Halloween less than a week away Halloween crafts for preschoolers have been on my mind a lot and been filling our days. I’ve been trying to keep it to things that we already have around the house and of course reusing stuff we have already and upcycling! Thanks to Cottonelle’s Triple Roll I’ve been thinking about ways to use toilet paper an the actual rolls in our crafts and lucky for you I’m going to share them.

Best part? I bet you have a lot of these things lying around your house as well and if you don’t all the extra are less than $5 each!

We made a Vampire Bat, Mummy and Spider

IHalloween Toilet Paper Roll Creatures

You’ll Need:

Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper

3 Toilet Paper Rolls

Googly Eyes

Construction Paper (2 Black, 1 white and one Red)



Vampire Bat & Spider

The Bat and Spider are made very similarly.  First you want to tape on black construction paper. Mason helped with this part, we used double sided tape to make it easy for him to stick the paper down.

Cover toilet paper roll with black construction paper

Then trim down the edges

Trim down the construction paper

Reserve the excess paper for the wings!

For the bat make a small semi circle in red for the mouth and use white to make fangs. With glue I made two small dots for the eyes and a line for the mouth and then I told Mason where to place it. I did the same for the fangs.

vampire bat fangs

For the wings I cut a big semi circle snipped off one of the sides to make a straight edges and then made two smaller semi-circles on the long straight edge to get the curve for the wing. To attach to the bat fold wings (see second picture) and attach to the bat with glue!

Bat Wingsand then you’ll have your bat

Toilet Paper Roll Bat

For the spider’s face make a small red semi circle for the mouth. Dab some glue on and let your little one put it on. Then let them decide how many eyes they wanted their spider to have. We googled it and learned that some spiders have EIGHT eyes. Mason thought this was all kinds of amazing so I dabbed on 8 spots of glue for Mason to put the eyes on. He loved that part! While he was gluing the eyes on I made 8 curved legs for the spider legs. Glue those on by folding the construction paper like you did with the bat wings. And EEK! You have a spider!



The Mummy is probably the easiest one to make! All you need is a toilet paper roll, toilet paper and some eyes!

Cover the entire toilet paper roll in glue then wrap your toilet paper around the roll making sure to switch directions and start new layers so that you get a “wrapped” feel and then dab on two dots of glue for the eyes stick them on and AHHHH a Mummy!!!

Toilet Paper Mummy

and now you have an adorable little trio to show off!


Bonus Idea:

If you don’t mind a little toilet paper off of the roll play the mummy wrap game with your child!

It’s really easy, just grab a roll of toilet paper




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  1. Janet W. says

    Those are so cute! We definitely don’t have a shortage of toilet paper rolls around here. My grandson would love to make these!

  2. Natalie F says

    Cute idea! I love that it doesn’t take much for supplies, all stuff I have on hand. I’m going to do this with my 5 year old son, he is so excited for Halloween.

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