A Year With Our Kitchen

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Maytag. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since my kitchen went from this (click to see more than what the fridge looked like)


to this:

A beautiful Maytag Kitchen.

It seems like we’ve had them forever but at the same time it feels like we just got them. Another big change? This year Mason is in school! So for the first time in quite a few years I’m participating in the Back to School mad dash of getting into a nice routine. Like most Moms I rely on my kitchen appliances to help get me through the day. How they function (or don’t) effects my daily routines and how quickly I can get things done and my kids out the door and wherever we need to be!

What I love About My Appliances

Snack Drawer

I don’t know how I’ve ever survived without a snack drawer feature. It enables me to keep all of Mason’s snacks within his reach which is imperative since he’s in a “I want to do everything myself and if you dare help me I’m going to have a meltdown” stage. We keep a ton of easy to grab fruits and vegetables there so that he can easily grab something healthy and delicious. This has become a life saver when I’m nursing Kyla and Mason wants a snack it’s a win/win he gets what he wants easily and he gets to do it all by myself which makes him feel like a big boy.

Speed Heat

The stove has one burner in particular that functions as a speed heat. It is AMAZING. I love that it doesn’t take as much time as it normally would to bring water to a boil which makes dinner much easier for us.

Measured Pour

The refrigerator has this awesome feature where you can choose a unit (cups, liters, ounces) to fill up your water. It sounds silly but it has been saving me a lot of time lately. When we go to the park I always bring to huge water bottles. I set the first one up to fill to 20 ounces and then I do whatever I need to do while it fills up on its own. It only saves a minute maybe two at most but I feel like it’s saving me 20.

It also eliminates the need for a measuring  glass which is nice when every single one you have seems to be dirty even though you could have sworn that you just did the dishes!

Not having to rinse, wash repeat

Our dishwasher does the job the first time without having to prerinse which like a lot of the other features I love saves me time.

Things to Consider If You’re Getting New Appliances


Glass tops are HARD to clean. While I clean my stove often I can’t seem to get all the dirt and grim off of it. This seems to be a common problem of glass top owners regardless of he brand!

Stainless Steel while beautiful (and I still wouldn’t pick something else) shows every hand  print and smudge that got its hands on it and when you have a little one. That’s A LOT of hand prints!

Stove Vent

The stove vents on the top of the oven door which means that it’s very hot. I’ve burned myself a time or two as has B. Luckily the kids haven’t because we stress the danger of going near the stove when its hot. We have a lot to worry about as it is and I wish I would have realized the danger beforehand.

Final Verdict?

My appliances have certainly made my life easier and I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity that Maytag provided me with by having me review them.

We absolutely love the refrigerator and the dishwasher.

The stove is a GREAT stove and does the job that it needs to do however we would have opted for a non-glass top now that we know what cleaning one is like. I should have listened to my Grandma 😉

What features does your kitchen appliance have that saves you time? Which features do you wish  they had?

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  1. says

    Ha! I know exactly what stage you’re talking about. My son goes into TOTAL meltdown if he can’t do it himself, whatever “it” may be!

    I’m wondering if I should have gone with Maytag. I have a Whirlpool fridge, and I hate it. It’s only 2 years old and I just had to pay a fortune to fix a manufacturer’s defect. I have a feeling we’ll be looking for another soon, and I think Maytag may be our next choice!

    …and don’t feel too bad. The black fridges show every handprint too!
    Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas recently posted..On Nature, Gifts and Gratitude #PowerofthePeanutMy Profile

    • Christa says

      lol that’s good to know! It doesn’t really bother me too much and sometimes I even think it’s kinda cute but it drives B INSANE. He’s gotten better about it thought. It is what it is as they say!

      I really do love our fridge the drawer is a HUGE bonus. Not sure how I would ever have a fridge that doesn’t have one again!

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