Sibling Costume Ideas

Before you know it it’s going to be Halloween and now that I have two littles to dress up I can’t help but think about siblings costumes! I want them to match or compliment each other in some way. Maybe Mason’s favorite food? It won’t be too long before Mason won’t let me influence his costume decision. In fact this year he’s already declared that he wants to be a Power Ranger so I’m trying to find a baby Pink Power Ranger Costume!

But I also plan on doing a theme of my choosing since we’ll have multiple events to attend. Right now I’m leaning towards a Knight and Princess ala this beautiful family and picture:


This is adorable and you can make the football girly by adding a headband!


Between this picture and the Knight, Dragon, Princess picture I’ve decided adding another one or two kids is a necessity!


How cute are these firefighters and their dalmatians?



Rub a dub dub!!!


Love this idea for two little girls!


How original is this? A mouse and her cheese!


I bet this is what some little girls think about their baby brother. I may or may not have been one of those little girls 😉


What about Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Captain Hook?

peter pan wendy caption hook siblings costume idea

I’m sure these kids look familiar! This blogger/mama has adorable kids and is super creative with her costumes!

toy story costumes

Got one in the oven? You can still have the kids match

skeleton siblings

I had a shirt like this last year and I put a little bow on the head part. You can put a bow tie on if you’re having a boy.

Elephantandpeanutpin itsiblingcostumeideas

Do you have any cute sibling costume ideas? Leave them in the comments!

Want more cute costumes?

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  1. Stephanie says

    I have twins and have dressed them as the Blues Brother and Bo/Luke Duke. I always turn the wagon into the car with some cardboard and paint.


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