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I’ve been so lucky in the kitchen department and I’m pretty happy with it now. Everything that I have in it has made it so much easy for me to accomplish my goals in the kitchen. The only thing that was lacking was my kitchen faucet.


BLAH. It’s a standard faucet and while it was doing the job it was also lacking in some places too.


Filling up large pots of water was annoying. The faucet was often not high enough so I’d have to put the put completely in the sink in order to make sure that it didn’t go into the pot of water. Not a big deal right? Well usually when I cook I go big. I have dinner going a dessert sides etc so there are usually dishes in my sink so putting the pot in the sink isn’t always an option.

And truth be told, compared to my new appliances it just didn’t look pretty, it looked out of place!

When my Delta Touch2O arrived and the installer took it out of the packager my first thought was OMG it’s HUGE. I even thought….too huge, I was nervous, really nervous! So I waited anxiously for it to get installed.

Mason was pretty excited about it too and our installer was SO sweet. He let Mason help him


Much quicker than I thought it be it was installed and it was time to see the change.


I was happy to see that while it was CLEARLY higher than my old faucet it wasn’t overwhelming like I thought it would be.  And then the touching began. I couldn’t help myself.

Touch on.

Touch off.

Touch on.

Touch off.

We all did it, the person who installed it, me, Mason and B. It was kinda funny! When you have a Touch2O Faucet you can’t help it!

And if we could have done this:

Delta Faucet


I’m pretty sure we would have!

So far I’m loving it, the novelty has worn out and the functionality is winning.

It Shuts Off After 4 Minutes

Why is this important? I have two kids and sometimes I have to turn around quicker than quick and run off and a time or too I’ve left my faucet on and it just ran and ran until I got back to it. But with the Touch2O faucet if I the faucet is on for longer than four minutes it shuts off on its own. Even when I’m in front of the sink when this happens it’s a good reminder to conserve water. I don’t need the water on the whole time I’m doing dishes!

Helps Eliminate Cross Contamination

Being able to just tap the faucet to clean my hands and not having to touch any knobs means that germs less germs and bacteria are being spread around my kitchen and house. This is so important to us when we have a six month old who puts everything in her mouth!

Makes Cooking Easier

The faucet being higher and the pull down head with FANTASTIC water pressure makes it so much easier to clean my dishes and get cooking stuff done like filling pots filled with water for pasta and corn on the cob!

You don’t always have to have the Touch2O Technology On

Mason has been pretty good with not turning the faucet on and off. But if you had a child that was obsessed you could easily turn it off by pushing the knob all the way in aka in the off position.


I haven’t noticed anything so far that is making me not like it. The only thing I would say is to make sure you set the faucet to a middle of the range water pressure. This will help conserve water and limit water splatter 🙂

This faucet is a thing of beauty and I’m THRILLED to have it in my kitchen!


Now that my faucet is here I finally feel like my kitchen appliances match and now I can move on to the next task, finding a traditional table that can stand out from the crowd in my kitchen a lot like my faucet!


Delta Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Delta via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.

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