Kyla: 6 Months

Half a year? Is this real life? Heck I’m not even sure Kyla believes it!


I feel like before I know it she’ll be off to college and I’ll be saying 18? Is this real life? Or whatever phrase is cool and hip then because of course, I’ll be a cool and hip mom.


Kyla has had one busy month!

While we were at the beach (so about a week) ago Kyla was playing on the floor when she suddenly pulled herself up to a standing position!  B and I were in absolute shock. How did this even happen? We thought it might be a fluke. Until she did it again


It looks like she’s right on track with her Big Brother! I was really hoping to have a baby who wasn’t so fast in the moving milestones! Maybe next time? 😉

She’s been scooting/crawling for a couple of weeks now as well which is making her monthly pictures a little bit harder!


Kyla is such an easy going baby who loves being near her Mama and I don’t mind at all. I wear her or am within a foot or two of each other all day long. This is believe it or not my favorite stage so far! I love the first year! SO much fun!


Here’s to next month!

See how’s she’s grown:

Kyla at 1 Month

Kyla at 2 Months

Kyla at 3 Months

Kyla at 4 Months

Kyla at 5 Months

Compare to Mason at 6 Months

Image Map


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