5 Ways to Keep Your House from Smelling Like a Litter Box

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Can your cat do this?

Didn't think so. Which means that you probably have a litter box. B swears that whenever you walk into someone's house you know immediately that they have a cat, while I think that can be the case for some homes I'd have to strongly disagree that all Cat Owner's homes smell. There's a reason for that they probably follow some, if not all of these simple rules.

1. Clean the litter box daily. In fact if you see your little kitty coming out of there from doing her business grab a bag and scoop that poop (or pee) and then bring it outside to your trash can. Most of the smell that comes from having a cat stems from the litter box, keep it as empty as possible

2. Keep the litter box away from the door. The last thing you want is your little kitty to be using the bathroom right as someone is walking in the door, YUCK! Believe it or not I've known numerous people who kept their litter box far too close to the front door!

3. Keep the litter box in a well ventilated area. You may not always have the windows open but its nice to have your litter box in an area where you can easily open the window in case the liter box is getting a litle too stinky.

4. Vaccum reguarlaly especially around the litter box. Your cat tracks litter outside of the box every time he goes out of it. Keep the area clean by the sweeping/vaccuming the area.

5. Find the best litter that works for your home and your cat. There a many different cat litters to choose from and the best one is often the one that works best for you. If you haven't tried it Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7 Performance Litter might be the one that's right for you!

Tidy Cats® Lightweight 24/7 Performance® Litter locks in moisture, has a powerful odor control strong clumps for easy clean up and the best part: the container is lightweight! No longer a struggle to carry the litter home.

My siblings are always fighting to NOT be the one to clean it. I'm pretty sure it's their least favorite chore. Can you blame them? Who cleans the litter box in your home? Do you have any tips to keep your house from smelling like a litter box?

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