Getting Motivated

Here we go another “Flab to Fab” Friday and I’m still not on a consistent work out plan.

And even worse?

I’ve gained weight. I went to the beach for a week and apparently ate like crap because I gained close to 5lbs. WHAT IN THE WORLD?

Breastfeeding makes me famished and instead of eating healthy I seem to be eating whatever is in front of my face.

It’s time though. I need to do something, I need to get motivated!

So in an effort to change that I’ve bought a huge tub of salad to eat whenever I’m hungry or feel like snacking. I love salad so that shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve also been drinking water as much as possible which isn’t too hard because I’ve been SO thirsty lately.

As far as working out goes, I’m going to do this workout more than once every two weeks:


I did the Knocked Up Fitness Prenatal work out DVD and it was killer so I’m hoping using the After Baby on a more consistent basis will help! They have a workout plan that I can follow and I’m going to do it starting this week and share with you my thoughts next week!

I’m also going to do one of those mini workouts that you see on Pinterest. I figure even if that’s the only thing I do every day at least it’s SOMETHING! I’m going with this one

slimstrongarmsSince I HATE my arms and love Yoga and Pilates style work outs! I’ll probably alternate days with this leg one!

legsI found it on Pinterest and it links to no where but I’m assuming 15-20 reps of each (or per leg) would be plenty!

Who’s with me?

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