Fun Ways to Serve Food for Children

Getting kids excited about their meals is a hard thing to do especially toddlers because they have short attention spans. Usually parents let their children watch Spongebob on TV or let them play their favorite games on iPad when feeding their kids. Instead of depending on cartoons and video games, why not try a different approach? If you just put the meal on a plate and ask your kids to eat, then most likely you will see them dragging their feet to the dining table. Serving food in a fun way might be the solution to your problem. Seeing something new on the table and eating in a different way may catch the attention of your children. Here are some fun ways on how you can serve food:

Sophisticated Dining

If you usually serve your hubby’s meal with M&S Wine, then your kids can also have their sophisticated dining experience right in your home. No need to go to a fancy restaurant to do this because all you have to do is set up the table complete with candlelight and flowers. You can serve the grape juice in a wine glass or concoct mulled wine for your kids. Recipe Here:

Step out of the Fork 


Most kids enjoy eating noodles because they’re fun to eat. To make it more fun, you can also let them use chopsticks. This may come in as a challenge for them, but this will definitely keep them busy. You can purchase chopsticks that are suited for small children like The Nitty Gritty. Even adults who don’t know how to use chopsticks can use this.

Sticks Galore

food on a stickYou don’t need to go to the backyard to have your own mini-barbecue party at home. Instead of grilling food, you can serve ordinary food like potdogs, vegetable slices, and fruit bits on a stick. You can also prepare different dips for this food selection.

What ways do you serve food to make it fun for your kids?

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