Booster Seat Safety–Child Passenger Safety Week

This week is Child Passenger Safety Week and I’m happy to share with you this inforgraphic about Booster Seat Safety. It’s a great reference for Booster Seat Safety Guidelines as well as what type of car seat your child should be in.

I’m a little bit of a crazy person when it comes to car seats. I pretty much love them and car seat safety is important to me. Luckily I’ve seemed to rub off on some of my friends which is great, after all I wasn’t always this into car seat safety! Someone got me into it and I hope to keep the chain going.

One of the most consistent car seat safety violations I see is parents who move their children to the next level too quickly. Most parents don’t do this on purpose, they just don’t realize that they’re doing it.

The one I see most often is moving your child from a booster to no booster at all. This infographic on Booster Seat Safety shows when you should be moving your children out of the seat. They should be in it A LOT longer than most people think and even if your child doesn’t always WANT to be in a car seat (I know this first hand from my brother) it’s still important that they’re in one.

FINAL RodiFix Infographic

Car seat weight and height limits can be found in your car seat manual. If you know longer have your car seat manual a simple google search should pop one up. Personally I suggest using your car seat to the max of its abilities. Mason is 3 1/2 and still rear facing in his current car seat because he is within the limits and rear facing is the best way to keep him safer, for longer.

If your child fits properly in their rear facing or forward facing car seats with harness keep them in that seat until you have move them up. And remember just because your state may only require a booster until 6 or 7 doesn’t mean you can’t use one as your child gets older as long as they fit in it properly it’s most likely much safer for them in the event of an accident.

Car seat safety is SO important and when you know better, you do better.

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