Why I Babywear

I feel fortunate that I was introduced to babywearing before Mason was born so that I could baby wear with him. I’m one of those Moms who doesn’t want to put their newborn baby down. I know that it’s “healthy” to step away for a minute but I can honestly say that for at least the first year, I don’t want too. But I still needed to get things done which is where baby wearing came in. And if I didn’t want to do anything but stare at my baby while he slept.

I could do that too.

Having my hands free and still being able to keep Mason secure was a blessing. Babywearing has become even more of a blessing now that we’ve introduced Kyla to our little family. Introducing another child into the family can be really hard especially when you’re going from 1 to 2. Your first child has NO idea what’s coming to them. Sure Mason knew he was getting a little sister but he didn’t realize how demanding a little sister would be on his Mommy’s time.

I knew that I wanted to keep Kyla close by wearing her and of course I wanted to make sure that Mason still felt loved. I wanted to make sure that we kept the strong bond that we had fostered through baby wearing and breastfeeding. Babywearing has enabled me to keep Kyla close, even feed her

and still interact with Mason in on hands on type of way because well, my hands are free.

And Kyla? Kyla loves it, she feels safe and secure and she’s either asleep

Or bright eyed observing the world around here

Last night Mason hit his head pretty hard, it immediately swelled up and I thought it was just fine until he puked about 20 minutes later.

Once he puked I opted to bring Mason to the ER. It was just the kids and I so before I left I made sure I had everything was charged for entertainment purposes and I grabbed my carrier of my choice, my Boba. Once again it was baby carrier to the rescue. I was able to keep Kyla close to me while still comforting Mason and attending to his needs. When he asked me to hold him, I could and it was easy. She was on my back and I sat him on my lap and I held him. Without the carrier Kyla may have been in her car seat or I would have had one arm around each of them struggling a bit as each wiggled in my arms. But instead Kyla was with us in an unfamiliar place and I was able to wrap Mason up in my arms and rock my other baby who needed his Mama’s full attention.

And that is why I baby wear.

Because it makes it easy for me to keep both my children close to me, to meet both of their needs while also meeting mine.

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