Another Year

We’re vacationing this year again, in the same spot we did last year.

It’s blowing my mind how different things are this year. We’re over a year and half out from losing Elena instead of just 6 months, instead of being pregnant I have a 5 month old and of course Mason has grown bigger and has become more articulate.

It’s so odd to think about how things would be different if we had a one year old instead of a 5 month old. Instead of chasing around an unsteady barely toddler I’m writing her name in the sand wishing she was still here.


I wrote her name in the sand last year too.

Instead of a one year old I’m keeping that should be one year old’s baby sister in the shade making sure she doesn’t get burned. That baby who was in my belly last year is CRAWLING which was something I predicted so we got a baby friendly house which has worked out perfectly. A house called “Rainbow’s End” how fitting for our little family and our Rainbow baby.

She’s been eating a lot of sand.


Even though she clearly doesn’t like it!

And then there’s Mase Face who sees a camera and runs the other way. You would think taking pictures of him all the time would make him be indifferent to the camera, smile and keep it going but NO he loves running from it or deliberately not looking up or at me even if I tell him there’s a dinosaur on my head!


With just two more FULL days here in paradise I can’t help but be thankful for what I do have. Three beautiful babies, two I get to hold in my arms and one I get to hold in my heart.


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