The Baby Peed

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When Mason was born I became a first time Mom but I still felt like I knew A LOT. I was the oldest of 7 kids. I was 21 years older than my youngest sibling. I knew a thing or two about babies! I was stocked with all the baby essentials and a lot of knowledge.

I did a lot of things that my parents did while raising us and I did a lot of things that my parents didn't do. I co-slept with him just like my parents co-slept with me but I also exclusively breast fed which isn't something that my Mom did with any of us. 

**Note this is Kyla nursing, not Mason, I couldn't find one when he was itty bitty**

Because I didn't have very much experience with breastfeeding I had a huge learning curve. Luckily I had a great online support system where I could ask questions about breastfeeding. I knew that I would be going back to work so pumping was something I always asked questions about. I decided to take it upon myself to start pumping pretty much from the beginning three times a day to build a stash.

My stash was AMAZING. I didn't even go through a 1/3 of it. I did this 3x a day pumping routine religiously until one day when I couldn't because I was at a cheerleading competition with my mother. My breasts felt full but I was still fairly comfortable. We were all so exhuasted when we got home that I just went to bed.

Hours later I woke up laying next to Mason sopping wet, my first thought?! OMG THE BABY PEED EVERYWHERE!!!!

I start feeling around his diaper wondering how it could have even happened and he wasn't completely dry. He was however wet all by his head and chest. I was so confused!

I had to use the bathroom so I got up to do so and that's when I realized. The Baby didn't pee!  My breasts were leaking milk, heavily and with no prompting what so ever.

There was milk EVERY WHERE. I leaked in on the walk to the bathroom, on the way back to my sopping wet bed, all over myself, all over the baby. It was intense.

I pumped 20 ounces in one session. I felt awful, like I had the flu and it took more pumping and nursing to feel better. 

Lesson Learned?

If you pump 3x a day DO NOT go cold turkey and stop pumping!

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    • Christa says

      it happened a lot when Kyla was a newborn, not as much now. That time with Mason was intense. I had/have never leaked that much in my life. I paid for it though I was SO sick with flu like symptoms.

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