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Kyla is growing so quickly and soon, when’s she’s ready she’ll be getting solid foods. I can’t believe we’re already approaching this milestone. I’m excited but perfectly content with waiting. I remember what feeding Mason was like and it wasn’t always peaches and cream!

Mason was always a pretty good eater. Come dinner time we would put his vegetables on his plate first, he would gobble those up and then he’d get the protein and finally whatever starch we were having that night. He loved green beans which we found absolutely hilarious since I’m pretty sure I was mildly obsessed with green beans when I was pregnant with him and had them every single day!

As he got older he was still a good either but he was also asserting his independence. He went through a stage where when he was done with his food he would look us straight in the eye pick up his plate and just dump it on the floor.

defaint plate thrower

All while we screamed NOOOOOO


True story.

But my funniest “Funny Feeding” has to be when Mason wanted his blackberries so badly he was determined to eat them no matter what. Sleep be damned.

This video still gives me a laugh even though I’ve watched it a million times and was the one who filmed it!

I’m certainly not the only one with Funny Feeding stories.


Happy Family wants YOU to share your own video, written story or image around food and kids.  The submissions will be judged by a panel from Happy Family for a chance to win a $20,000 towards college. You can submit them on their Facebook page!

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HappyFamily also partnered 7 Mom & Dad bloggers to hear their “Funny Feeding” story and enlisted  improv troupe the Upright Citizen’s Brigade to act out those stories.  While I hate to pick favorites I love Kelcey Kinter from Mama Bird Diaries improv session

The Magic Cupcake story made me laugh because we totally get it, except we would be “The Magic Lollipop”. You can see more Stories From the Bright Side here.

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Happy Family blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


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