Applecheeks Review & #Giveaway

If you read this blog and Kyla’s monthly updates you may know two things.

1. I’m about 2 weeks late on putting up Kyla’s 5 Month update and

2. We use Applecheeks diapers to the point where  I feel the need to write what size she is on her monthly update board.

We’re huge fans of Applcheeks Diapers here for multiple reasons. The most shallow reason is clearly the color choices.

applecheeks colors

They also have limited edition prints and colors like Winging It and Beet It


We have Beet It and LOVE it so stinking cute!
Applecheeks isn’t just about the colors though. They have an amazing fit! Whenever we use disposables we have blow outs (thank you exclusively breast fed poop) but with Applecheeks we never have blow outs! You can see the fit on Kyla here:

applecheeks diaper fit

i_pic_applecheeks_envelope_Applecheeks diapers come in two sizes:

Size 1: 7-20lbs

Size 2: 18-40lbs

You can get microterry sets or bamboo prefold sets.

They can be used as pocket diaper or as a AI2  system where you use the cover with the bamboo insert laid on top.

Any my favorite part? When used as a pocket you do not have to unstuff the diaper, it agitates out in the wash on its own! No touching yucky diaper inserts? SOLD!

Applecheeks also makes diaper storage sacs, waist extenders to help have the perfect fit for every baby, wipes, disposable liners,  reusable nursing pads and my favorite swim diapers ever!

Another great thing about Applecheeks? They have an amazing fan base who loves them, what does this mean for you? When you’re done with cloth diapers you can resell your Applecheeks and make back most of your money! How’s that for an investment!? And because baby girl looks adorable in her Applecheeks I have to share


Already love Applecheeks or Have to try it?



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  1. Jennifer Schneider says

    I haven’t tried AppleCheeks before, but I’ve heard great things! And I agree, the colors are fantastic!

  2. Theresa Wighton says

    Oh! I would choose Forget Me Not, it's probably my fave in the regular line up. (Though it changes all the time!)

  3. Tania says

    I love all the colours but i think my new favorite is coriander! Definately would love to try these diapers!!

  4. Nicole Cramer says

    I would choose storm reborn. I don’t own the new one since the snap color change. Or I would choose appletini. My appletini is reeally looking sad these days.

  5. Shadia says

    I would choose St. Lucia since it’s gender neutral but not a boring primary color. Would love to try Applecheeks!


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