5 Things I learned at BlogHer This Year

I can’t believe that BlogHer is actually over! I’m usually anxious to get home by the time it’s Saturday because I always have at least one kid at home but by the time I get home I just wish I could pack up my kids and go back to all my friends in Blog Land. I always do a swag post which will be coming soon but first I really want to talk about some of the things I learned at BlogHer this year.

Bring a Baby. 

Last year Emily had her sweet little Rebecca and this year I had Kyla and Becca had Sophia and let me tell you people go gaga over a cute baby and it’s a great way to break the ice and meet people! It’s not always easy and you don’t always get to do everything you want (some events, although very few are kid free) but it’s certainly not a deal breaker! Bring ALL the babies 🙂

Bring a Stroller. 

This year Summer Infant sent me a Fuze to drive Kyla around in.



She rode it in at times but I wore her a lot too! But I seriously don’t know how I would have survived without the stroller, it carried her diaper bag and everything I needed for her, acted as a luggage carrier when I was in the airport and in desperate need of an extra hand and was perfect for changing her diaper since there was pretty much no where else to do that! My friends and I joked that we need to make sure one of us has a baby every year so we have a stroller to carry our purses and change our babies!

It’s about the Friends You Have and the One You’ll Make 

For me BlogHer is more about connecting with friends and meeting new ones than it is about going to the Expo hall and attending sessions. Don’t get me wrong those things are great but meeting people and talking to them over lunch and reconnecting with the friends I made through blogging is so important to me, more important than grabbing goodies in the Expo Hall although I did get great things there AND made promising connections with brands I TRULY want to work with! Honest and Garden of Life come to mind off the top of my head!

I need New Business Cards

I used the same business cards that I purchased last year because I had a 1,000 of them. Literally. But I was so jealous of all the super cute business cards that I saw and it’s really inspired me to get new ones designed! I’m exploring ALL my options this year as far as where to get them,instantprint.co.uk/businesscards is an option but I’m open to ALL suggestions! Where did you get yours? Who designed them?

It’s Not all About the Swag BUT it’s a HUGE perk! 

It’s not all about the Swag abut after spending a ton of money to get there it sure is nice to get a little something extra! So many people talk about how “newbie bloggers” need to realize it’s not about the swag and one day when they “mature” they’ll realize this. Well I don’t consider myself a “newbie blogger” but for me the swag almost justifies the insane cost to ship that stuff home, the cost of travel and a place to lay my head down.  I brought home a ton of goodies for myself and my kids and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be talking about these companies in some way shape or form whether it be to my friends in real life, a blog post, Instagram, Facebook or Tweets depends but they WILL be talked about. I *will* be doing a “My Favorite Swag” post soon just like I do every year!

I can’t wait to find out where BlogHer14 will be so I can gather with friends, make news one and connect with brands again!

Did you go to BlogHer this year? What did you learn? Are you going next year?


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