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It’s Day 5 of the Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower sponsor highlights and today I’m so excited to introduce you to Mamatea! As you probably guessed the lovely mama behind mamatea makes amazing teas but she’s also a graphic designer and made our adorable invitations and our header for The Baby Ladies Facebook Page!



All essential ingredients are 100% USDA certified organic, and all other ingredients are either organic or all-natural. Every single ingredient comes from a source that does not irradiate any products and uses strict testing procedures to ensure that no product is altered in any way. Tests on all ingredients in mamatea include HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography), GC (gas chromatography), MS (mass spectrometry), microanalysis, microbiological testing, and organoleptic testing. Bottom line – if it is irradiated, adulterated, or otherwise unsafe it does NOT go into mamatea.

All mamatea teas are hand-blended loose leaf teas with ingredients that were picked especially for quality AND taste! You can find a tea for any stage in your baby making journey!


Preconeption tea is for the Mama who is trying to conceive a little one! It has Red Raspberry leaves in it which helps create a balanced reproductive system and tone your uterus. It tastes like a  blend of orange and chamomile.


Pregnancy tea is for the pregnant mama, it also has a blend of red raspberry tea for the purpose of toning your uterus and its high essential nutrients for a pregnant body such as calcium, iron, and B vitamins.


Keep it down tea is meant for the pregnant mama who is having a hard time with morning sickness. This ginger tea is blended with spearmint which is also a natural remedy for nausea.  It tastes sweet with a hint of spice.


New Mama tea is for the postpartum mother its made with lady’s mantle which is known for its amazing healing properties to heal damaged tissues. It also contains alfalfa which is rich in Vitamin K which helps it blood clotting which is very important for a new mom! It also contains nettles which is high in Vitamin K and calcium!


Nursing Mama tea is a fenugreek tea formulated to help nursing moms build up their breast milk supply. Fenugreek works by stimulating your sweat glands therefore it stimulates your milk glands! It tastes sweet and fruit with a hint of tropical juice! If you’ve ever had fenugreek tea before you know that this is a major improvement!

I love all the hard work and dedication that goes into these teas and I’m so glad to be showcasing these teas out our shower and I’m even more excited to try some! I’m heading straight for the Nursing Mama Tea!

Not going to the shower and want to try one of these amazing teas? Request a sample here.

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Mamatea Website

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Mamatea on Etsy


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