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Kyla is almost 4 months old but she’s already been on a 6 hour road trip to New York.  The ride there was kind of a nightmare but what do you expect with two kids by yourself?! Kyla was only 6 weeks old when we went so I tried my very hardest to pack everything I would need to make sure that Kyla was as comfortable as possible.

BUT, I only have a Hyundai Elantra and it’s not exactly known for it’s storage size. So even though I wanted to pack pretty much every single thing that Kyla could ever possibly need I had to narrow it down. One thing that was always a most? Her RestingUp Napper.

RestingUp Napper

  • Vibration unit soothes baby
  • 3 point harness
  • Machine washable cover
  • Easy to fold for travel

We keep it upstairs and use it every single day.

 RestingUp Napper 2

We always take it with us traveling because of how easily it folds up to travel with! We don’t just take it for long road trips either, we also take it when we go camping or are visiting a friends house for more than a couple of hours!

RestingUp Napper Folded

It’s pretty compact all things considered and we love that. It has been such lifesaver. I was able to bring it to my parents and have a safe and comfy spot to put Kyla when myself or another family member couldn’t hold her. It was also great when we took Kyla camping when she was only 8 weeks old! I didn’t put her down very often while camping (terrified of bugs getting on my baby) but it was nice to know that when I did need to put her down it wasn’t on the ground!

Another thing I love about the RestingUp Napper? It’s on an incline which is great for babies with reflux!

RestingUp Napper Incline

We LOVE this napper and I wish I had had it when Mason was a baby it would have been perfect when he had RSV and needed to sleep on an incline!


 You can purchase the RestingUp Napper at Buy Buy Baby or online at
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  1. says

    I love this, and it would be for me! I’m being induced next Thursday, July 18th and this would be awesome for our little girl. Even more awesome for traveling to visit family in Northern Virginia!

  2. Christina says

    I would give this to my best friend who is due on the 20th, but she’s been having contractions off and on and she was 3-4 cm dilated at her appointmented today (I am hoping she goes tomorrow on my daughters birthday)

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