Personalized Lace Accented Drinking Jar Tutorial

I love planning my kids birthday parties, in fact I’ve already started to plan Kyla’s to some extent and she’s only 4 months! To be honest I was planning her birthday party the whole entire time I was pregnant with her, I knew exactly what her 1st Birthday party theme would be! Rainbows!

Why? Because she’s my Rainbow Baby! A Rainbow baby is a baby that is born after a loss. They are a reminder that after a storm something beautiful always happens!

When I got an entire box of  David Tutera Casual Elegance products my mind instantly went to Kyla’s birthday party.

David Tutera Casual Elegance

The David Tutera Casual Elegance line technically speaking meant for the DIY Bride but they have so many great things that can be used for various functions and events so immediately I started wondering how they could play into Kyla’s 1st Birthday party! Told you I’m thinking ahead 😉

As of right now the Rainbow theme in my head is less actual rainbows and clouds and more girly accents and the colors of the rainbow present in the plates, cups, straws and food! Doing it like that will make the party a little less themey and a lot more classic! Ever since my good friend Emily put lace over her colored table cloths for her daughter’s birthday it’s made me want to do the same so I knew right away I wanted to use the lace.

Since most of Kyla’s guests will be well over the age of One I decided to make personalized Mason Jar glasses that they can take home with them if they want!

personalized lace accented drinking jar

I used a couple of things from the line:

David Tutera Casual Elegance 2

  • David Tutera Casual Elegance Stretch Lace Ribbon
  • David Tuteraâ„¢ Casual Elegance Kraft Tag w/ Ribbon (Scalloped)
  • David Tuteraâ„¢ Casual Elegance Printable Flag Sticker Labels (optional
  • David Tuteraâ„¢ Casual Elegance Red Striped Paper Straw (optional)

Other things you’ll need

  • Tack Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Permanent Marker to Write Initial on Tag
  • Scissors
  • Red Paint
  • Paint Brush

That seems like a lot of stuff but I promise this was super easy to make, the longest part about this project was waiting for everything to dry!

Start by taking the ribbon off of the tag and painting the tag the color of your choice. I choose red with Kyla’s Rainbow Themed Party in mind!

Paint the Tags

While the tags are drying cut the lace to fit your Mason Jars. In the David Tuteraâ„¢ Casual Elegance line they also have a pre-cut Lace Stretch-Wrap for Ball mason jar that you can use. These work just as well and are a little easier to use, I choose to cut my lace because I wanted a flatter look in the back.

Cut the lace to the jar

Spread Mod Podge on one side of your Mason jar.

Mod Podge on the Jar

Tightly wrap the lace around and lay on top of the mod podge and put another thin layer.

Lace on Glue

Then wrap the other side and do another thin layer of Mod Podge.

Glue other half of lace down

Let dry for an hour.

While you wait paint the other side of the tag, apply a second coat if necessary. Once the tags are dried use your marker to write the initial of your guest. Once the lace has dried dab the opposite side with glue and apply the tag. Hold down for one minute and then allow to dry on it’s own!

Dab some glue

While everything is drying make your straw flags, I hand wrote mine but next time I will try my hand at printing them, something tells me they’ll come out A LOT prettier! My handwriting is so childish sometimes.

Once everything is dry you’re ready to use your drinking jar!

Personalized Lace Accented Drinking Jar 2

What I love about the David Tutera Casual Elegance line is that it come with some many basics, it’s so easy to incorporate the products into your next event and it will match with your color scheme. And the fact that it gives the look of homemade with out crazy amounts of work? I’ll take that!

Ideas popping into your head about what you can make? The David Tutera Casual Elegance line is found exclusively at Joann’s fabric and craft stores!

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 Disclosure: I was sent David Tutera Casual Elegance products to help facilitate this post.

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