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It’s *almost* here! The Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower! We have t-shirts to wear and I got the cutest new denim skirt to wear as well and TMI? But I’m pretty excited about what’s going to be underneath my shirt too, a Leading Lady Nursing Bra from one of our Sponsors Leading Lady!


I love a good success story and Leading Lady is just that. It was founded in 1939 after the owner Frank lost his job at the  Cleveland bra company when it closed it’s doors.  During the war in the 1940s materials were being rationed so he had to think of a way to have his company survive so he decided to make maternity and nursing bras since they were not classified as intimate apparel and instead as medical items which were considered very necessary. And as the saying goes the rest is history.

Now Leading Lady is one of the country’s oldest and most successful intimate apparel manufacturers.  They specialize in quality lingerie for mothers-to-be and new moms, as well as full-figure bras, sleep/leisure bras and other specialty lingerie and accessories.

Best part? Frank’s descendants still runt he business! I LOVE family run businesses. It’s what America was built on!

I was sent my very first Leading Lady bra recently and I could wait to get it on! I wasn’t sure exactly what my fit was but I follow their Find Your Fit guide and I was very happy with the results, the bra fits nicely and is very comfortable! I got the Molded Seamless Underwire Nursing Bra.


So far I’m so happy with this bra, it very comfortable and I’m so glad to have a nursing bra that supports me like it needs to and makes my breastfeeding journey with Kyla easier! I also love how affordable these bras are! The one I got was just $30.  Great Price right? Especially when you use the discount code below!

Leading Lady has so many different nursing bras to choose from like the Wirefree Molded Seamless Nursing Bra, Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra (aka The Most Comfortable Bra in America) as well as  Nursing Camis and Nursing Chemises.

Leading Lady also provides Breastfeeding Resources for all Breastfeeding Moms.

Amy’s Corner Nursing Blog

Breastfeeding Tips

Free Downloadable Breastfeeding E-Book

Nursing Bra Guide

I love  companies that not only provide a much needed product but also provide information and support related to their products. It makes it easy on busy Moms!

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